Best way to warm up?

Created 18th December 2008 @ 17:47

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so, atm we have: 60% – wank 35% – alcohol 5% – plays some dm


I sacrifice a goat to Satan.


i used to take a hot shower 30 mins before every matchevening started. it makes u relaxeds and muscles a bit warmed up


Im THAT good!

Quake 3 warmup ftw



That’s some nice applied physiology here.

So combining all the techniques (that way you get all the benefits together) you should have a wank, then a shower, chug some beer while you play quake 3 then get on a duel server. So if your match starts at 8pm you need to take a half day off work to be ready but this is serious shit so your boss will understand np.


A little snack and (energy) drink helps me a lot btw :)

strut: So what exactly takes you ~4h of these things? :D


Team Popo!

err.. strut i guess sarcasm has to be shorter that also Relentless understands it :p


err.. hänsen I guess sarcasm has to be longer so u understand it too :D:D:D <3


after 8 years of quake3, I would not recommend Q3 as warm up. total different movement and hit detection … and much more …

best thing for fast warmup should be something with constant, instant action, dm_store/1on1/2on2 .. something like that
to warm up in a game you should play exactly THIS game :P


and of course best warm up ever. go outside, build a snowman …. naked !
go back to your warm home … you will glow

Assault Marine Sigh

rofl no naked snowman building for me, unless its magically gonna snow here :D

I find best way to warm up is playing on different servers and maps depending on what class I want warmed up. Sniping I usually play on a pub and mainly aim for scouts/medics. I try not to play 2fort as im not interested in sniper battles.
Solly I find a bit of bball (thanks to crink) helps, and also dm_store (thanks again to crink). Helps with making those important aiorshots when they count, plus store can be so manic at times when you enter a match everything seems calm :O



i just think of dunc and i automatically warm up inside


Here you go!





RaWr ::

Arnold stop ducking duncs dong.

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