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Created 6th March 2011 @ 18:03

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Thanks for the reply.

The reason I want an old version is that at work we’re playing an old version of the game that can work without steam (which is blocked at work :()
The latest version of TFTrue doesn’t work with the version we use so I wanted to try v3.048 (I think) which was out about the same time as this TF2 version.
Are there any other things we can try?
The error it gives trying to load the plugin is something like “Couldn’t find required interfaces” (from memory).

What I would suggest is using an old version of sourcemod/metamod along with F2’s assortments of plugins.

A lot of TFTrue’s functionality is among those plugins

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Not really, I can’t support such old versions of the game. If it gives such error messages then the plugin is too new/old for this specific game version.
Anyway, the best solution would probably to use a VPN to bypass the Steam block, rather than using a cracked version of the game.

Totally understand, it is a bit of a weird request. We thought of the VPN option…but circumventing something that’s deliberately blocked would be a bit naughty :). And I think it’s also against steam T&C’s. Anyway I’m getting somewhere with old sourcemod/metamod versions (thanks Alfie), although I don’t have F2’s plugins working, I have the older supstats.smx working, and I’ll continue investigating this avenue. Thanks you both :)


Update (4.75):
– Add support for mp_tournament_readymode 1


I’ve released a small update on Windows to fix a crash after the last update.


Update (4.76):
– Fixed command callbacks not working anymore since a TF2 update, causing tftrue_tournament_config to not work correctly and other issues

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Update (4.77):
– Fixed tftrue_restorestats crashing after the last TF2 update


is this updatet anymore ? there is wrong whitelist for Highlander !



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is this updatet anymore ? there is wrong whitelist for Highlander !



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I’ll take this one, Arie. :D

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is this updatet anymore ? there is wrong whitelist for Highlander !

It’s still getting updates, yes, And for whitelists there is a command which allows you to use any whitelist from the site.

tftrue_whitelist_id "etf2l_9v9_s10"

This will for example load HL whitelist for ETF2L Season 10 (can be found here: You can either use name or numerical ID.

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Update (4.78):
– Fixed tftrue_restorestats no longer working properly on Linux and preventing the plugin to load on Windows


Update (4.79):
– Fixed crash after the last update

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