Hello Gamers of European Team Fortress 2 League

TestCo.tf is a map testing group that has been around for almost five years now, providing services to mappers in the competitive capacity for that long. We were the group who supported and tested for the mapper SturmTea who made koth_clearcut, Kevin gator for cp_villa for 6s, and many more!

Our system works by selecting your region (EU) and then we will ask for you to provide your ETF2L profile to be approved by an admin.

-There will be no divisional limits on classes
-We use a dice roll to determine who plays med, instead of a last to spec system
-Fri/Sat @ 19 CET/CEST
-We typically test 2 maps per night, if there’s enough demand from our mappers
-Players who missed out on a pug game will always be playing the next match every time, regardless if you just joined after the game started or weren’t picked.
-All test games will be streamed or recorded by admins/pug runners.
-You must submit your ETF2L profile to be approved to play
-The minimum requirement to play EU 6s is Low

If you have any specific questions for the mappers of our discord or want to provide feedback for a mapper, feel free to @ him or DM him in our discord.

I am very excited to meet you all and I hope to continue to further TF2 to the best it can be.


On another note we will be looking for new admins and pug runners for TestCo.tf for EU, as we currently don’t have any admins. For those who would like to become an admin and help out with map related things, please refer to Dwaggy#2288

Discord Link Here: https://discord.gg/69BAPcf

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