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Created 5th August 2013 @ 23:08

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i got banned by posting a youtube link in chat once :'(

where is natural birth freedom?

ps. ban loveclop




tf2lobby was a lot less aids than tf2center.



Speculations suggest that ebola originated in tf2c



Quoted from Spike Himself

The saddest part is that tf2c does have competent admins, but these idiots are just making them look bad. The only right course of action is to get rid of these angry teenagers. If that means you lose important backend manpower, that’s really unfortunate, but not an excuse. You’ll just have to try hard to find competent replacements.

Exactly this, letting a few bad eggs abuse their power reflects badly on the whole site, when I know for a fact that there are some great admins over there.

Spike Himself


Quoted from aura

making up the rules on the go to get away from responsibilities for fucking something up is ̶s̶o̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶u̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶s̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶s̶ classical etf2l. The question is whether tf2center would be able to reach as high in their desperate endeavours.

I think you are mixing up two different things. There is doing the right thing even though it isn’t described anywhere, and there is abusing your powers for your own personal benefit.

Organisations like tf2c and etf2l are often faced with situations that aren’t necessarily covered by the rules but need resolving anyway. And yes, in case of a dispute between two teams this tends to mean that the outcome is less favourable for one of them. I don’t think etf2l has seen serious admin abuse since the days of gryzor. Luckily the majority of currently active players don’t even know who that is! Etf2l have removed admins from their staff on a few occasions and this to me indicates that they do care at least a little about the quality of their staff.

I have yet to see tf2c actually deal with any of the repeating abuse.

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UbeR |

LOL tereza.

really, TF2C should get rid of this person. What did they do anyway? They were in charge of site design or something? Where is their added value?

Site is up so you don’t need them anymore. Maybe separate true admins from people who work on the site, and only let people such as Foxy (competent, strong, virile men) do both.

So leave your bullish habits for the other places and refrain from such a ridiculous reports in a future.

Really not what an admin should be saying.

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Does not matter what he/she has done for the site. If he is actively hurting the project there is no reason not to remove their rights.

Also because tf2center is so aids, ill remind that there still is that happens to actually host proper games without someones ability to just shut down server after 1st round loss.

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please delete this aids center





pls dont compare center to pickup animal, it’s nothing like it. Pickup is basically a doublemix system with a gui and somewhat balancing, and an etf2l map pool and is filled with good players (most of them) TF2c isn’t anything like that, it’s really a lobby system where people make their own rules and can learn the basics of competitive, tf2 pickup clearly states it is not that “ is not the place to learn competitive Team Fortress 2 “

Hi guys.

This is not a defence of Tereza’s actions and I’ll post about that separately once we’ve discussed it fully internally, but just a general response to this whole thread. I came here to post about the incident that started off this latest round of activity. Then I read the replies. And it is not on.

Firstly, do let me apologise. For the last year, a large number of people have devoted tens of hours per week to this project. Latest estimates are that our expenses are around $3000-5000, all paid for by own own team members, all voluntarily and happily done. Not to mention the time put in by our willing and dedicated moderator team, and our head admins. I’m sorry that our efforts aren’t good enough for you.

In that time, we’ve had a few issues with people abusing admin powers. I can think of a few pretty major ones, that we probably could have handled better. Maybe a handful of problems over the last year. Over the last 100,000+ games.

The site has some negative players on it, sure. We wanted the community to help govern itself (you know, how most communities do). We give lobby leaders the knowledge and powers to deal with this themselves (reliability and restrictions, for example), yet only around 1 in 10 lobbies have restrictions on them. I’m sorry that we are not doing more to stop these rage quitters, when 9 out of 10 lobby leaders can’t be bothered to click an extra button or two.

I’m sorry that the quality of player hasn’t lived up to your expectations. We’re doing our best to bring new blood into the TF2 competitive community, and its amazing to find these new players aren’t premiership quality at their first attempt. But the way that some people, including some that have been posting in this thread, treat them is downright abusive. Yes, a medic dropped uber because he’s learning the game. I’m sure that warrants him being reported, insulted and discouraged from playing again.

I’m not demanding the community to respect us. Hell, I’m not even expecting it. Respect is earned, and I totally understand why the actions of the collective admin team haven’t earned your respect. But it’s easy to throw stones isn’t it, especially when you don’t understand (know? care?) about how much effort goes in behind the scenes. There are players in this thread that don’t play because ‘TF2C is aids’. Yet those same players have hundreds of matches played in TF2C.

We the developers, and the admin team, and the moderators, all devote our time happily to this project. But over the last few days various members of the team have read this thread, and our overwhelming feeling is “Why do we bother?”. And right now, I don’t know the answer.


That was a non answer.

Also, please don’t victimize yourself. The reasons for the criticism towards your project are more than reasonable.

The project is great, the idea and the execution is spot on, but the PR of the site is horrible, I’m not saying your site needs a PR team or something like that, but its clear there are people on that team that are not qualified nor don’t have the qualities necessary to manage the community aspect of the site. Only the technical aspect, which I don’t blame them, but if that’s the case, then don’t put them in a position where their actions officially represent your site.

And before you start pulling bullshit excuses and pre written paragraphs here’s a screen from my last experience with tf2center (which was some months ago, since I never went back again after that) but it was not my only shitty experience u can be sure of that.

screen –
complete pastebin –

I don’t like to expose community projects like this, but it’s more than clear that you guys haven’t learned any lesson from all the drama that you already caused. This is not even the whole exchange, he went on for 30 more minutes just being a dick and waving his “I’m an admin” card around.

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Quoted from foxy_dave

it’s easy to throw stones isn’t it, especially when you don’t understand (know? care?) about how much effort goes in behind the scenes

True for many here, but -and I don’t say this to brag- I’ve been involved in numerous projects in my years as a tf2 player, I do understand there is often a lot more to stuff like this than meets the eye, but your approach to this situation is, with all due respect, entirely bullshit. You wrote a giant post victimising yourself as Kaneco pointed out, but really all you had to do was spend 1 minute kicking 2 people from your staff.

People who are saying “tf2c is aids” and stuff along those lines are clearly exaggerating, but there *is* a reason why they have come to the forums just to post that. Yes you guys have a done an awful lot of work and I promise you everyone here appreciates that, but some of your staff members *are* making a fool of themselves and their hard working colleagues, there’s no way around that.

If you really feel so victimised perhaps the time has come to take some action.

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Get rid of those petty internet emperors who are obviously willing to risk a reputation of a whole project because of their ego trips. I’m certain if you guys do decide that, you’ll get so much less crap from the community you wouldn’t even believe it.

People are allergic to that kind of shit and no wonder half of the TC reacts and writes here, when a big part of the community was in that lobby.

I can understand what you mean Foxy and I’m sad that you are getting pulled in by half a dozen forum warriors, when the number of games so far should be the answer you are looking for. People do like TF2C and people are coming back to it. I’ve seen some really nice approaches to new players; some people do try to help out others, no matter what class they play. Not every game is just bashing the newbies via mumble, there are people helping and taking it easy.

edit: and to be fair to MasterNoob, from what I’ve seen in the past few months, he stopped doing silly things after the first shitstorm… I might be wrong though.

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