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ETF2L 5th Cup Tree

Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
   Netherlands FakkelBrigade2             
  Finland The MIPC Organization0             
   Bulgaria The Bulgarists2 Russia Domination2          
  Lithuania team311 Netherlands FakkelBrigade0          
   Spain Nobody's fault but mine0             
  Russia Carpe Diem2             
   Sweden jAgarna0 European Precursors of Death2 European TCM Gaming2       
  European Precursors of Death2 European International Special Force0 Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic0       
   Portugal The Conquers2             
  European enixe0             
   European ScS Gaming.EU0 Germany Marco FTW2          
  European TCM Gaming2 International Team Vertex - Retired Edition0          
   European SMACK!2             
  Germany Time 4 Fisting0             
   Spain knock0ut2 Russia Guristas0 European Precursors of Death2 Sweden Northwave2    
  European Paradigm0 European elemental violence2 Netherlands Paroxysm0 Portugal The Conquers1    
   International Team Vertex - Retired Edition2             
  International Team epx^0             
   European Monkey-Gamers0 Russia Team Empire2          
  Germany Team NEUTRONICS!2 Sweden HordeofQuotes0          
   Denmark Clones-Inc2             
  Russia Xterra0             
   European Coming this summer0 International Suitcase Nuke2 European <3 Pendulum0       
  Germany Trick172  0 European Epsilon eSports2       
   European Team Infused2             
  Poland smurfs!0             
    2 Germany Trick170          
  European In HaX We Trust0 Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic2          
   International Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.0             
  Sweden Northwave2             
   Denmark Actility0 European Epsilon eSports2 International Suitcase Nuke0 European Precursors of Death0 European Epsilon eSports2 
  Sweden HordeofQuotes2 Finland Virtual Troopers0 Spain Mister2 Germany Marco FTW2 Sweden Northwave0 
   Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic2             
  CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED0             
   Spain Mister2 Russia XEN Team1          
  European Fabulous1 Portugal The Conquers2          
   Germany Marco FTW2             
  Italy Impact0             
   Germany TFPortal.de | oldschool0 European SMACK!0 Sweden Northwave2       
  Russia XEN Team2 Germany Team NEUTRONICS!2 Russia Team Empire0       
   Russia Guristas2             
  Russia Evil Empire Headquarters0             
   European elemental violence2 Norway Pul Kai0          
  Poland Taktyczny Ruch Kolanem0 European TCM Gaming2          
   European <3 Pendulum2             
  Italy nGage Team 20             
   Austria plan-B0 Spain knock0ut0 Germany Team NEUTRONICS!0 European TCM Gaming2    
  Norway Pul Kai1 Spain Mister2 Germany Marco FTW2 Spain Mister0    
   Russia Domination2             
  European 21 Grams0             
   International TwistedPlay0 Denmark Clones-Inc0          
  European Epsilon eSports2 European <3 Pendulum2          
   Finland Virtual Troopers2             
  Germany ze Dummkopfs1             
   Israel Ha Team Shel Cata0 Bulgaria The Bulgarists0 Portugal The Conquers2       
  Germany WESTSTADT2 Sweden Northwave2 Russia Domination0       
   Latvia ppb1             
  International Suitcase Nuke2             
   Netherlands Paroxysm2 European Team Infused2          
  European Gathering of Tweakers Team 10 Germany WESTSTADT0          
   Russia Team Empire2             
  Germany Ficksahne!0             
   European International Special Force2 Netherlands Paroxysm2 European elemental violence0 European Epsilon eSports2 Germany Marco FTW0