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ETF2L 4th Cup Tree

Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
Spain Cuarto Milenio2                   
International epic-clan0 European TCM-Gaming [old]2                
Bulgaria Impulsive.TF20 Russia LOL Team remix0                
Latvia Royal Dynasty2    European Execute0             
Germany n2o-gaming.TF22    European The Imperial2             
Hungary Octoberfest0 Sweden Northwave2                
Finland Blood Pressure2 European Jeet Kune Do0                
Germany Ramclan0       Spain Cuarto Milenio0          
Sweden Staggeringly Vast Gurka*0       European Relic2          
European Relic2 Russia Rupture0                
European Precursors of Death2 European Nervous.tf22                
Sweden Sextant0    European Nervous.tf22             
Sweden Core 150    Germany | oldschool0             
UnitedStates Game Control2 Israel K1ck eSports2                
Israel ELEmentals2 European unbindAll0                
Germany SHIFTplay0          European iCon-eSport.TF21       
European Monkey-Gamers1          European Nervous.tf22       
France PBP Poney2 Germany n2o-gaming.TF22                
Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger2 Latvia Royal Dynasty0                
Russia Distort Reality0    International Team CoolerMaster2             
CzechRepublic eqilibe0    Sweden Northwave0             
European fingerprint2 European Weapons Of The Rebellion0                
Sweden jAgarna2 European coolclan2                
Finland Virtual Troopers0       Finland Interrobang2          
European enixe2       European TCM-Gaming [old]1          
Germany nRage1 France Incoming1                
France paradox0 Germany | oldschool2                
Germany it's a farm!2    Israel K1ck eSports0             
European Gathering of Tweakers Team 20    European TCM-Gaming [old]2             
Germany r@ts[honorary]2 Russia chaotic community | silver0                
France insΛne Team1 Germany r@ts[honorary]2                
Poland OutPlayed0             European Nervous.tf21    
Russia Dum Spiro Spero0             International Team CoolerMaster2    
European Fabulous2 France *B@D*2                
Ukraine Oh My God It Is2 International Team epx^0                
European The Hampshire Heavies1    Finland Piggy Bankers2             
Sweden hb0da2    Portugal The Conquers1             
Austria Madrush!0 European Team Druidz2                
International Voices Of Independence0 Turkey The Smash Project0                
Finland The MIPC Second Edition2       European coolclan0          
European Flawless0       Germany it's a farm!2          
Russia Team Overkill2 UnitedStates Game Control0                
European Weapons Of The Rebellion2 Hungary Public Enemies2                
Germany Unterwasserpyromanen0    Germany P3T3R0             
Finland Care Bears2    European Team Druidz2             
Russia Yummy Elite Sausages20 Russia Team Overkill0                
Latvia Brutal Mad Players0 Germany it's a farm!2                
International Team CoolerMaster2          European Team Druidz2       
Russia Rupture2          European The Imperial0       
Sweden SdX Gaming BLU1 Italy I Gladiatori2                
European coolclan2 France PBP Poney0                
European Fragmative 0    Ukraine Oh My God It Is2             
France *B@D*2    Finland The MIPC Second Edition0             
Russia Team Empire0 Italy Smart Move0                
Portugal The Conquers2 Spain Cuarto Milenio2                
Poland Fake0       International Team CoolerMaster2          
Turkey The Smash Project2       Germany r@ts[honorary]0          
International Shut Up and Play0 Finland Piggy Bankers2                
Germany Racoon1 Finland Blood Pressure0                
European Jeet Kune Do2    Finland Interrobang2             
Italy eQuiD Multigaming0    European Precursors of Death0             
Germany | oldschool2 European The Imperial2                
Finland Clan Troopers0 CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys0                
Ukraine All For One2                International Team CoolerMaster1 
European The Imperial2                European Relic2 
European TwistedPlay.0 France redLine0                
European eL Diablo's Brigade2 Netherlands FakkelBrigade2                
Austria Robert Hartlauer Syndikat0    Sweden jAgarna2             
France ptt.0    Netherlands FakkelBrigade1             
International Yurop Extrim2 Russia Time For Blood0                
Russia Lulz Team0 International Envision2                
European Imperox Esports2       Finland Piggy Bankers0          
Latvia FOG1       European The Imperial2          
European Nervous.tf22 European Epsilon eSports0                
European Hadouken0 Finland Interrobang2                
Sweden Northwave2    Israel ELEmentals0             
Germany Team AWESOME1    Finland Care Bears2             
European MM2 Team2 Ukraine All For One2                
European Team Druidz2 Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger0                
European Ninth Gaming0          Germany it's a farm!0       
European Babylon2          International Team CoolerMaster2       
International cleveridiot0 Finland Care Bears2                
European TCM-Gaming [old]2 France insΛne Team0                
Russia Carpe Diem0    European coolclan2             
European unbindAll2    Italy I Gladiatori0             
Germany Trick171 Portugal The Conquers2                
CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED0 European Fabulous1                
Russia LOL Team remix2       Sweden jAgarna1          
Hungary Public Enemies2       European Team Druidz2          
European The Hampshire Heavies 2nd Team0 International Yurop Extrim0                
Sweden Unaimed II1 Ukraine Oh My God It Is2                
European Black hawk down 10    France *B@D*0             
International Team epx^2    Germany it's a farm!2             
European BLITZ1 European Execute2                
European Execute2 European Imperox Esports0                
Israel Nano0             European Relic2    
International Eejit 20             European Team Druidz0    
European Epsilon eSports2 European MM2 Team0                
Russia chaotic community | silver2 European iCon-eSport.TF22                
Germany $myT1nk1    Germany r@ts[honorary]2             
Finland Piggy Bankers2    International Envision0             
European CZech tactiX TF2 Delta0 European Precursors of Death2                
Russia Old Quake School0 European Babylon0                
International Envision2       European Nervous.tf22          
Sweden Unaimed2       Ukraine Oh My God It Is0          
Hungary Argo0 European Relic2                
Germany P3T3R2 Sweden Unaimed0                
Sweden klan:adjektiv0    Spain Cuarto Milenio2             
European iCon-eSport.TF22    Hungary Public Enemies0             
Italy Entropy Team0 European fingerprint0                
France Incoming2 International Team CoolerMaster2                
Netherlands Fakkel Brigade 20          Finland Interrobang0       
France S4Y-Multigaming0          European Relic2       
Italy Smart Move2 Israel ELEmentals2                
Netherlands FakkelBrigade2 Sweden hb0da1                
Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers0    Ukraine All For One0             
Germany Keine halben Sachen0    European iCon-eSport.TF22             
Russia Time For Blood2 Germany P3T3R2                
Finland Interrobang2 European eL Diablo's Brigade0                
International Gaming Masters Evolution Squad0       Finland Care Bears0          
Spain back to Resupply0       European iCon-eSport.TF21          
Italy I Gladiatori2 Sweden Unaimed II0                
France redLine2 Finland The MIPC Second Edition2                
Norway Pul Kai0    Germany n2o-gaming.TF20             
CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys2    European Relic2             
Luxembourg MTF.Gaming0 European enixe0                
Italy eXplosion C40 Sweden jAgarna2                
Israel K1ck eSports1