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Highlander Cup Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
European Hey that's!2        
Germany Game Control Highlander0European Hey that's!2      
Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger Highlander2Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger Highlander0      
Hungary Octoberfest in Europe0  European Hey that's!2    
Russia LOL Team highlander2  Hungary Crit Rocket | Highlander0    
International clanda0Russia LOL Team highlander0      
International -=CantFitMyCrazy=-0Hungary Crit Rocket | Highlander1      
Hungary Crit Rocket | Highlander2    European Hey that's!1  
Russia Dum Spiro Spero0    Netherlands FakkelBrigade2  
Netherlands FakkelBrigade2Netherlands FakkelBrigade2      
European GM Highlander2European GM Highlander0      
Germany It's just Highlander1  Netherlands FakkelBrigade2    
European HoT.love0  Germany n2o goes Highlander #20    
Finland Troopers Mix2Finland Troopers Mix1      
Sweden Jeet Kune Do0Germany n2o goes Highlander #22      
Germany n2o goes Highlander #22      Netherlands FakkelBrigade0
Russia Red Terror2      Finland Second to Last HL2
European Kevlar Bullets0Russia Red Terror2      
Germany it's a farm! - there can be only one2Germany it's a farm! - there can be only one0      
Norway Kvakkistansen1  Russia Red Terror2    
Germany Racoon - Highlander1  European BLITZ0    
CzechRepublic Lama Raiders2CzechRepublic Lama Raiders0      
European BLITZ2European BLITZ2      
Austria Robert Highlander Syndikat0    Russia Red Terror0  
Finland Second to Last HL2    Finland Second to Last HL2  
Sweden jAgarna0Finland Second to Last HL2      
Sweden Unaimed Gathering2Sweden Unaimed Gathering0      
European Monkey Gamers0  Finland Second to Last HL2    
Latvia Power Puff Boys HIGHLANDER2  Poland The Polish Rockets0    
Portugal The Conquers Highlander0Latvia Power Puff Boys HIGHLANDER1      
Poland The Polish Rockets2Poland The Polish Rockets2      
European I Don't Know? Black and White0