Highlander Autumn 2023: Awards Show!

Date November 15, 2023

Banner by  On Thursday November 16th at 19:00 CET, we will find out if people vote for the winning team or not! This time, has won the season! Will they win most the categories like has in all their previously 11 unbeaten seasons?! Only one way to find out!

Highlander Autumn 2023: Award Polls

Date November 6, 2023

banner by Ladies and gentlemen… History has been made in ETF2L! has successfully overthrown from their throne as the new Premiership Champions in Highlander! Ending their impressive streak of 11 seasons won in a row! Congratulations to ! As usual, the award polls are live! Let us figure out if there is a bias for […]

Highlander Spring Season 2023: Awards Show!

Date July 29, 2023

banner by  soda | Written by  Refleks   The time has come! The votes are in! And the suits are prepared! The Highlander award show is BACK! Covering the Spring Season 2023 Join us on KritzKast as we debate, argue, and show love to players who performed in this Premiership season! As your host joined with lead you through […]

Highlander Winter Season 2023: Wrap-up

Date April 16, 2023

ETF2L Highlander Season 28 Banner by  We’re in the middle of spring which means… The Highlander Winter Season 2023 is over! The winners have celebrated and perhaps still are. But we would like to thank everyone for participating in the season! If you lost, we have some really good news! All rosters are now unlocked!  […]

Highlander Winter Season 2023: Awards Show!

Date April 4, 2023

ETF2L Highlander Season 28 Banner by  It is finally time… Polls from last week are finally closed, results are in and we are ready to present them to you in our Highlander Winter Season 2023: Awards Show!