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Highlander Autumn 2023: Awards Show!

Date November 15, 2023

Banner by UnitedKingdom soda

On Thursday November 16th at 19:00 CET, we will find out if people vote for the winning team or not! This time, Jamaica GANJA 2009 has won the season! Will they win most the categories like Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! tf2easy.com has in all their previously 11 unbeaten seasons?! Only one way to find out!

Join our host: Spain CeeJaey, alongside Norway Refleks, who will be presenting you the results! Joined by some special guests from the season! Our guests include: Latvia Clark, Netherlands yak, England James and UnitedKingdom Akio! And of course, with the beloved Netherlands Wiethoofd on production! Trust me, this is a show you do NOT want to miss! (Unless you dislike or have a major allergy to British accents.)

All of this is happening LIVE at KritzKast tomorrow at 19 CET!

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