6v6 Throwback Cup

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Schedule & Format

Signups – Open right now and will until the 6th October 18:00 CEST!

Group StageSaturday 7th October

  • 18:00: Best of 2
  • 19:30: Best of 2
  • 21:00: Best of 2

A pick and ban system will be used to choose the maps played as followed:

  • Team A bans a map
  • Team B bans a map
  • Team B picks a map
  • Team A picks a map

Note: If a team can’t choose which team they are, they may perform a Heavy Fist Fight.

PlayoffsSunday 8th October

  • 17:00: Best of 3
  • 19:00: Best of 3
  • 21:00: Best of 3
  • Team A picks a map
  • Team B picks a map
  • Team B bans a map
  • Team A bans a map
  • The remaining map is the decider

Note: Higher seed decides to be Team A or B.


Like in our previous edition, you will get to guess the maps directly on our Discord! With a new clue released every day at 18:00 CEST! However, all we can tell you for now is that there will be 5 maps in total.

Whitelist & Config

For this Throwback Cup, we will be removing the medic speed bonus from the tf2-comp-fixes and the whitelist (ID: 6262) used will be the one dated from Season 24! (That’s 7 years ago now!) Here is a non-exhaustive list of the weapons that you may want to use (or not) in this Mayhem…

  • Scout
    • Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol
    • Sandman
  • Soldier
    • Battalion’s Backup
    • Cow Mangler 5000
    • Market Gardener
  • Demoman
    • Quickiebomb Launcher
  • Medic
    • Vaccinator