Announcing Basketball Cup #7

Date January 30, 2024

SFM by UnitedKingdom Akio

Calling all ballers of ETF2L… It’s been 7 years since the last BBall Cup was made… but now, we are once again rolling back the clock to bring you BBall Cup #7! Get your fellow baller at the ready, as there will be lots of action packed over 4 weeks to decide who the real LeBron James and Michael Jordan of ETF2L are…

Cup Format

  • The Cup will be held in a Swiss style competition
  • There will be a total of 7 matches, with 2 matches per week. (1 on the final week.)
  • Rosterlocks will be applied with the start of Round 7 (11th March).


  • Signups: CLOSED!
  • Group Stage: February 19th – March 14th
  • Knockout Stage: March 16th – March 17th




The full rules for the BBall Cup #7 will be released together with the tables shortly before the Group Stage starts.

Group Stage

Note: The following dates will have a default date set. The date for the match can be changed if both teams agree and play it and submit the results before the deadline.

  • Round 1 – 19th February – 21st February
  • Round 2 – 23rd February – 24th February 
  • Round 3 – 26th February – 28th February 
  • Round 4 – 1st March – 2nd March 
  • Round 5 – 4th March – 6th March
  • Round 6 – 8th March – 9th March 
  • Round 7 – 11th March – 14th March

Knockout Stage

Depending on how many teams sign up for the competition, the top 32 or top 16 teams will proceed into the Knockout Stage.

All matches will be played as a Best of 3.

Saturday 16th March

  • Saturday 19:00 CET – Round of 32
  • Saturday 20:00 CET – Round of 16
  • Saturday 21:00 CET – Quarter Finals

Sunday 17th March

  • Sunday 19:00 CET – Semi Finals
  • Sunday 20:00 CET – 3rd place
  • Sunday 21:00 CET – Grand Final



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  3. theo said:

    lebron jordan

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  5. Fr3unen: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    I’d join… if I was good at bball.

  6. ronnie said:

    leron jahames

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