Ultiduo roster locks are now ON.

Provisional Schedule End of 2023

Date May 21, 2023

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This is a provisional schedule therefore dates are subject to change.


6v6 Summer 2023
Signups: June 5th – June 29nd 18:00 CEST
(Premiership and Division 1 signups will close early, on June 25th at 18:00 CEST)
Main Season: July 2nd – August 20th
Playoffs: August 20th – September 3rd.

6v6 Autumn 2023
Signups: September 25th – October 12th 18:00 CEST
(Premiership and Division 1 signups will close early, on October 8th at 18:00 CEST)
Main Season: October 15th – December 3rd.
Playoffs: December 3rd – December 17th.


Highlander Autumn 2023
Signups: August 7th – August 24th 18:00 CEST
(Premiership and Division 1 signups will close early, on August 20th at 18:00 CEST)
Main Season: August 27th – October 1st
Playoffs: October 1st – October 15th

6v6 Throwback Cup

Signups: August 28th – September 7th
Group Stage: September 4th – October 1st
Playoffs: October 1st – October 8th

Highlander Nations Cup #8

Captain Application: June 19th – June 25th
Signups: June 26th – July 2nd 18 CEST
Group Stage: July 3rd – July 13th
Playoffs: July 14th – July 16th




  1. triplePunk: BUS - -ƒ$- said:

    “yeah i’ve got plenty of time before next 6s season i dont have to worry”

  2. Mikke: meow :3 said:

    meow :3

  3. HbiVnm: Pill said:

    stop this overlapping shit ??????????

  4. adje: Pill said:

    how many times do people need to say they want no overlap between HL and 6s at all before anything will change

  5. Hugee: KORV - Pill said:

    where nation cup

  6. menex: REMOVE - ONCE said:

    This is so bad, 6s summer is overlapped with everything.
    Just scrap it and only do the autumn one, which makes sense anyway.
    Also, another hl season? We just started this one, tf.

  7. Sabesaroo: SMFC - COGU said:

    3 weeks nothing

    then 4 weeks HL

    then 6s again???

    if we gotta start 6s then couldn’t we have just started HL a bit earlier

  8. rdsldr: CBuH - RUS said:

    remove roster lock pls

  9. Potato said:

    this is so poorly planned since the summer 6s overlap with everything and the other seasons are insanely crammed together, it might just be worth to scrap summer 6s and make more space for the other seasons

  10. ethereal said:

    etf2l admins when they hear about ”breaks” or having time to do shit :mindblown:

  11. pijuka: KORV - Pill said:

    What type of NEET scheduling is this

  12. tenshi. said:


  13. sacha: swag said:


  14. maxi opossum: SSKP - LMS said:

    So we’ve got 4 competitions happening in the same time. How is this supposed to work?

  15. Matek: Choke - -ƒ$- said:

    These overlapping seasons really are a nightmare to organise when you want to play both, it’s just gonna make the community burn out guys

  16. wiitabix: :D - ONCE said:


  17. Citrus said:


  18. mak: SVIFT said:

    hl take a back seat for real game mode challenge, difficulty impossible 2023

  19. mak: SVIFT said:

    the 6s players will play 6s and the kiddies can sit at the kid table, theres no overlap as there are no overlapping players

  20. tenshi. said:

    6s player speaking:

  21. steko: giova - SHPC said:


  22. Mong: DIMMS - BRIT said:

    This schedule is good. I like that etf2l stopped caring about overlapping competitions (like rgl).

  23. d1e.: EF said:

    “tenshi. said:
    Yesterday, 11:13
    6s player speaking:”

    10 open officials player speaking:

  24. bum: Dancer said:

    stop pretending 6s overlaps with hl. it only overlaps if u make 6s playoffs and u wont 👍

  25. tekszi: BEN - Balenciaga said:

    stop overlapping stuff in general, its a headache for players and for admins too I can imagine…

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