Highlander Winter 2023 Preseason Polls

Date January 18, 2023

With the season starting soon we would like your input on the maps and whitelists used in Highlander Season Winter 2023. Please vote in the following polls.

Maps ratings

Please rate the following maps on a scale from 1 (unplayable) to 10 (masterpiece):


Total Voters: 305

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Total Voters: 306

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Total Voters: 312

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Please choose the options that you would prefer to see in the season (up to 3 items can be selected):

Which maps would you prefer to play in the Winter 2023 Season?

Total Voters: 318

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Please vote on if any changes should be made to the weapons whitelist:

Should the Flying Guillotine be removed from the whitelist?

Total Voters: 340

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Should the Reserve Shooter be added to the whitelist?

Total Voters: 335

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  1. nutbeans: $ - ZAZA said:

    i hate problitz so much

  2. Piney: L_? - kiti said:

    give us back warmtic

  3. edgarr: BRIT said:

    proot gang

  4. shinso: :flag_rs: - CCP said:

    Can someone clarify what removing and adding to the whitelist means?
    Like couldn’t you just have written should it be banned or allowed?

  5. AlesKee: SDCK! said:

    removed from whitelist = banned, added = allowed

  6. pijuka: pills said:

    these maps SUCK!

  7. piquu: yeti - FNC said:

    warmtic + proplant + cascade :pray:

  8. frbuz: BB - CAKE said:

    warmtic + proplant + cascade

  9. shinso: :flag_rs: - CCP said:

    proot + coalplant + cascade

  10. lawn: ︻芫═一☺ - KENOUGH said:

    I want coalplant but don’t like the other payloads, cascade or warmtic – I’d prefer to play badwater over any of those maps (except proot but 3 koth means 1 extra bad koth)

  11. ryft: Woo - FIRE said:

    Badwater needs to be deleted from the game

  12. adje: inVincible said:

    do whatever just don’t add divulgence, terrible map last cup and still a terrible map now. people will cry either way no matter what you pick for maps until you finally go back to 7 week seasons (open mid high prem… maybe one day)

  13. Dejvi: 3SB - -ƒ$- said:

    ryft: MAGDONAL – FNC said:
    Thu 19 Jan 2023, 17:35

    Badwater needs to be deleted from the game

    What this guy said