Highlander Season 27: Map Pool, Whitelist and Playoffs update

Date August 13, 2022

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The season has already started, however, we have not explained the process behind the decisions regarding the map pool and the whitelist changes, as well as how playoffs will work with only 6 maps.


Sadly, we have to announce that Highlander Season 27 will not have any cash prizepool. We hope we can provide a cash reward in future seasons.

Map pool

The poll results for the maps were:






Eventually, we have found the average score of each map to see which had the better result:

As a result, we have added pl_badwater_pro_v12 to the map pool.


For whitelist changes, see the poll results below:

Air Strike


Reserve Shooter

As a result, we have decided to add Air Strike to the whitelist. We may make another poll in the future for these two items, as well as for the Flying Guillotine.


Due to only 6 maps being in the pool for this season, playoffs will work a bit differently to accommodate this change. All divisions except Division 2 (due to the division split) will be seeded before going into playoffs, the higher seed in each game will have the final map pick, this will look like:

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Team B picks a map

Team A picks a map

Team with better seed bans a map

The remaining map is the decider

For Division 2, the “top seed” will be determined by a Heavy Fist Fight. This is, in our opinion, the fairest way to ensure that all maps are available for the playoffs, instead of cutting one just before.

Playoffs Structure

Playoffs will be laid out as follows:

  • Prem and Division 1: Top 3 teams, with a double elimination bracket (Top 2 teams start at Upper Bracket Finals, winner goes to finals, loser to Lower Bracket Finals vs 3rd seed)
  • Division 2: Top 3 teams on each side of the division will go into playoffs, with the top team in each side of the bracket automatically advancing to semi-finals.
  • Mid and Open: For this season, the top 6 teams will move on from main season to playoffs, this is due to the amount of teams signed up in each division. The top 2 teams in each division will automatically advance to semi-finals.




  1. GOZ: -ƒ$- said:

    Who’s voting 10 for badwater

  2. HbiVnm: COCK - :Blinky: said:


  3. Sabesaroo: SMFC - BRIT said:

    why everyone vote 1 on caldera wtf

  4. Sabesaroo: SMFC - BRIT said:

    i want the funny lava

  5. menex: REMOVE - GANJA said:

    reversed votes

  6. Exe_Red: :Blinky: said:

    finally good pl map

  7. hr said:

    Why ask people to rank it out of 10 if you are going to average it and then pick one? Just means people that didn’t vote 1 or 10 get reduced influence.