6v6 Season 41 Premiership Qualifiers

Date January 17, 2022

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Based on last season’s performance European gerz and Norway Ora Elektro will retain their spot in Premiership, joining them is S40 division 1 winner Israel Foreskings. England DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, European Witness Gaming and UnitedKingdom tf2easy will also be granted a spot in Premiership. That leaves us with the following four teams Portugal MANDEMUnitedKingdom Stevie Wonder's Aim SchoolVenezuela Fuck Da Process and Germany wer das liest ist doof to battle it out for the last two spots.

The teams will face off in a double elimination bracket starting with the following games:

The winners of the Semifinals (as seen below) will grab the 2nd to last spot in Premiership. The loser of the Semifinals will face off against the winners of Losers Round 1 for the last prem spot. All games will be played as a bo3.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: 17th – 19th January
  • Semifinals: 20th – 21st January
  • Decider: 22nd – 23rd January




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  1. kanon: BARBER - moro said:

    june’s prem debut yes please