Announcing the Highlander Experimental Cup #9

Date January 16, 2022

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As promised, due to the scheduling issues with Highlander and Sixes, we are organizing an experimental cup in order to provide highlander players an opportunity to play, as well as testing maps that could potentially be featured in an upcoming season.

The tier systems that we use will be fully dependent on the final signup numbers.

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Map pool


  • Signups: 16th January – 3rd February
  • Matches: 6th – 17th February
  • Playoffs: 20th – 27th February

Therefore, the matches are:

  • Match 1: 5-8th February, pl_cornwater_b7b – ABBA+GC
  • Match 2: Sunday 10-13th February, pl_borneo_f1 – ABBA+GC
  • Match 3: Thursday 14-17th February, koth_cascade and koth_product_final
  • Playoffs stage 1: Sunday 20th February 20:30 CET, Best of 3
  • Playoffs stage 2: Thursday 24th February 20:30 CET, Best of 3
  • Playoffs stage 3: Sunday 27th 20:30 CET, Best of 3




  1. Mong: 6ms said:

  2. elrond69 said:

    waiting for barnblitz

  3. HartzFartz: (ETF2L Donator) - IA6 - 0FO said:

    I think this koth_product_final map could potentially be a community favorite.

  4. ryft: Sadge - DOGE said:

    Cant wait to try out the new map called product

  5. sumire said:

    Do we really need to playtest a map that got a few clipping/collision/bug fixes lol

  6. Mong: 6ms said:

    It is grim that I have to defend admin decisions but the point of the cup is not just to playtest maps but also to play the game normally somewhat since the main season is 5 years away. The survey had a question about this and I favoured a dual approach in which we test new maps and also play normal maps. We kinda got this but only product is the normal map. It would also be very weird of admins to test a map that was already played in s25.

  7. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    that’s true but the main problem i had is that my initial idea for the cup contained more matches than an actual season, so we had to shorten the amount of maps for it, also we treat cornwater as a fun version of the badwater, thus we have it and product as “classics”
    i will update the post with the poll results later

  8. Mong: 6ms said:

    I don’t see a problem with the cup having a lot of matches. I want to play the video game.

  9. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

  10. Mong: 6ms said:

    If problitz is only playoffs it will get instantly banned by every team lol. Why would you expect people to pick a map they never played in playoffs? I am willing to bet a few keys nobody will play it in d2 and above besides maybe my team.

  11. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    there must be an uneven amount of maps in the pick bans for the playoffs, also we can’t have a payload and koth [in one map] for instance, that’s why there are two koths in one match and i suppose that can happen, yes

  12. Mong: 6ms said:

    then product should be the playoff map really since at least that would get picked.
    but the best thing would be to stop bending to loud 6s soy minority and just make a longer cup and longer HL season. RGL has been doing this since the beginning AND has been running 6s and HL seasons at the same time. I don’t exactly hear b4nny crying about HL mains living in his walls.

  13. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    unfortunately 6s players are a majority and they get a LAN tournament with a prizepool which makes a point to give it a priority
    there is a solution for it: donate to a prizepool for highlander or make a LAN event for highlander which will be treated by people seriously and then we can talk

  14. Mong: 6ms said:

    6s players are a majority. 6s players that are completely against a longer hl season for whatever reason are not, or at least I would like to think so. you can give lan priority idc about that. prove me wrong and make a survey about this. question 1: should the hl cup be longer? question 2: should hl seasons be longer? and if you’re feeling brave question 3: should hl and 6s run at the same time?
    I ain’t giving you shit supra stop shilling.

  15. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    honestly i would respond to all of these questions yes, because as you probably know i prefer playing hl way more than 6s
    technically it’s possible to change everything as you say but there are things to consider related to these changes:
    – would quality of a current main competition suffice on the ongoing cup which is a side competition?
    – are two seasons at the same time would decrease quality of the competitions each other?
    for both of these questions i would answer “probably yeah” because obviously people will pick what they want which is a good thing (apparently the only positive) but at the same time i would be afraid of increased amount of teams dropping from the competition due to a lack of players in a team than normally, and this is because people very often are not capable of playing two competitions at the same time and the competition which would probably suffice on it more is highlander because 6s is more favourable gamemode by the community overall

    – are we as the admin team capable for handling two competitions at the same time?
    my answer would be no
    at some point we don’t handle all competitions and things to maintain the league properly (look at for instance what happened with hl s25 d3 grand final match in which i participated in and how badly it was taken care of) because we are understaffed, meaning we lack people who do the work needed to realize things like this event
    i don’t recall on which video but you made a point about rgl being better overall than etf2l and i think i can agree with it on one certain point: rgl has a lot of staff members responsible for small tasks, while we have a few people who are responsible for almost everything and it’s at some point overwhelming (even for me personally), because the amount of tasks to do is just too big in my opinion for such small group like us

    i think we will open a league admin recruitment and i wish we could have a team capable of doing things more than just main seasons people are used to play

  16. Mong: 6ms said:

    get gud lol being an admin is easy look at this goofy mf

  17. SIA: COCK - H4B said:

    what am i reading… chill

  18. Big Papa MattJ: gains - stfu said:


    Can you hear it..?

    Whats that noise?

  19. Bloodis: (Legend) - (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    Logistically having longer HL seasons is definitely possible with more admins available to help out overall, but then you have the issue of having to get 8 teams in the highest division as well for a 7 week main season.
    I’d want to hear how’s that possible when you can just take a look at the previous HL season to see how instead of the usual 6 teams there were only 5 in premiership, who also were the only teams who genuinely even wanted to play there as the ones who were pushed to play in premiership simply just folded.

  20. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    get gud lol being an admin is easy look at this goofy mf

    you mean those two dead hl mixes discord servers you’ve made or? xd

  21. Mong: 6ms said:

    accept that we’re playing a dead gamemode in a dead game and either
    1.don’t get 8 teams in prem and have prem teams not play all weeks or play same team more (like non-EU UGC). reminder that prem doesn’t have to play by the same rules other divs do like in RGL invite in which they have a very different system than other divs.
    2.make prem competitive again (or at least low prem) by moving some teams up. prem is shit and uncompetitive anyways might as well force people to get good by forcing them in and forcing them out next season if they suck. last season was troll and I hope it does not represent all future seasons as I have a few teams in mind that wouldn’t mind playing prem. if you troll it and you put a team that really isn’t prem in prem who even cares at this point this is not RGL. I personally think 1/2 of the prem teams shouldn’t be there lol. prem hl is bottom of the barrel stuff. there’s no way you can earn any reward from playing anymore so it’s expected to be much worse than invite RGL which is doing really good in comparison.

  22. Mong: 6ms said:

    supra at least I gave people a chance to play lol it was bound to die. RGL pug system died and they have a whole league’s backing I made a month of 120 HL pugs with literally nothing. meanwhile etf2l admins are wanking while tf2center is dying (advanced lobbies are already dead).

  23. Mong: 6ms said:

    correction 220 HL pugs not 120

  24. Mong: 6ms said:

    also I was the only admin while u have what a dozen admins and nothing from stopping you from getting more?

  25. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    rgl requires a fee to get in which we won’t probably ever make because that’s gonna push a lot of players back from us as some people can’t afford spending even small amount of money for it, overall people rather to just play and that’s what makes them truly passionate
    you made a good point about making prem competitive again and i hope we’ll make it better next season
    and about the admins, well we lost admins because some people couldn’t spend time on it anymore and i think it’s visible clearly, also having 300 vs thousands of people on board with ratio admins:players and amount of things to do is hardly comparable still

    supra at least I gave people a chance to play lol it was bound to die.

    even if u act like a clown sometimes you have my respect for that specific one

  26. Mong: 6ms said:

    I am a clown and etf2l is the whole circus.

  27. gmfbt said:

    why can’t we play prowater instead of cornwater they are almost the same also the map design is less aids I think I played enough of it in RSL wasn’t really a fan of it

  28. Sabesaroo: SM - COGU said:

    where cp croissant?