Dreamhack Community Clash EU 2021

Date June 6, 2021

EssentialsTF are gearing up with the next instalment of DreamHack TF2 Community Clash EU. This time around they are featuring a $2400 prize pool main tournament and introducing a Newcomer tournament with a $90 prize pool. Both tournaments will take place over two weekends, beginning on June 12th and 13th with the Swiss Group Stage and continuing on June 19th and 20th with the playoffs stage culminating with the grand finals. Any team may sign up to the Main Tournament while the Newcomer tournament has limitations on league division experience and official match count. There are about 5 days left to sign up to both tournaments. Signups end on June 11th at 1am CEST.

For more information on the maps, schedule, rules and more, head over to clash.tf or the EssentialsTF Discord Server.


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