Entries from May 2021

Staff Changes and Monday Evening Bans

Date May 24, 2021

Staff Changes We are sad to announce that is retiring from his position as Head Anti-Cheat admin and will be leaving the Anti-Cheat team entirely. The expertise he gained and applied in this field while supporting the team for so many years on ETF2L was highly appreciated by all and he was able to pass […]

Highlander Season 24: Provisional Tiers & Mappool Update

Date May 12, 2021

Banner by After evaluating the feedback from the cup and the map voting poll following it we have decided to put the following map in the season: Map pool Addition koth_proplant_v7 koth_warmtic_f5 Whitelist Whitelist for the Highlander season 24 can be found here. Poll Results Whitelist change: Should the Fists of Steel be unbanned? Yes […]

6v6 Nations Cup #8: Captains & Group Stage

Date May 10, 2021

Banner by The captains have been decided! Here is a list: Algeria – Austria – Belarus –  Belgium – Croatia –  Czechia – Denmark – England – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Kazakhstan –  Lithuania – Netherlands – Norway –  Poland – Portugal […]

Highlander Season 24: Map pool polls

Date May 10, 2021

Banner by Now that the Highlander Season 24 Preseason cup is over we can finalize the map pool before signups for the Main Season close. The polls will close on Wednesday 12th of May at 21:00 CEST!

A new way to support ETF2L and Nations Cup #8: Captain Applications Update

Date May 3, 2021

Banner by A new way to support ETF2L! We’re happy to announce that an ETF2L Ko-Fi has been created. For those not familiar with Ko-Fi it is a donation platform much like Patreon. Ko-Fi allows us to easily accept donations without the donators having to commit to a monthly donation. Donations will be used to […]