Highlander Season 24: Map pool polls

Date May 10, 2021

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Now that the Highlander Season 24 Preseason cup is over we can finalize the map pool before signups for the Main Season close.

The polls will close on Wednesday 12th of May at 21:00 CEST!

Quick reminder of the current map pool: 

Now for the actual poll:

Please rate the following maps on a scale from 1 (unplayable) to 10 (masterpiece):


Total Voters: 362

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Total Voters: 347

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Total Voters: 361

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Would you like to replace any of the last season’s maps?

Should cp_gullywash_f3 be replaced with cp_propaganda_b19?

Total Voters: 369

Loading ... Loading ...

Should cp_gullywash_f3 be replaced with cp_glassworks_rc6a?

Total Voters: 369

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Which map should be played during the season?

Total Voters: 366

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Should the CP map be replaced by a KOTH map?

Total Voters: 364

Loading ... Loading ...

Should the CP map + KOTH map week be replaced with an A/D or PL map (such as badwater)?

Total Voters: 356

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Should the Fists of Steel be unbanned?

Total Voters: 377

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  1. b3hold: ace - 5DC said:

    I am not a very smart guy and I like to say racist things because I am very funny. I deserved to be ban thank you Admins.

  2. xs said:

    I agree with the Admins

  3. Silvan said:

    the fuck wizard burger

  4. magistr: ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    proplant lessss gooo

  5. ziggokill: HUMBLE - *˚*(ꈍ ω said:

    add an actual A/D map, like gorge or gravel pit

  6. Kritler: K? said:

    add an actual A/D map it will be a nutter

  7. xBigBigFish: Ѧ said:

    Friendship ended with Gullywash

    Now Glassworks is my best friend

  8. redlix: SDCK! said:

    glassworks WHO?

  9. mak: FAINT - SamsungGG said:

    play gully or play no 5cp, both r reasonable choices

  10. Efficiency: hb said:

    Why do we need 5cp exactly?

  11. B u m a g a: TB2004 - Freaks said:

    cos its cool

  12. Jip.: AirN said:


  13. rewrite: f/f - [RED] said:


  14. Balen: СYL - TB said:

    Tank on propaganda last > actual etf2l season

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