6v6 Season 37 Wrap-Up, Season 38 Preview & GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded

Date January 27, 2021

Season 37 – Wrap-Up

Congratulations to European Ascent for winning this season’s Premiership tier!

The winning squad is composed of:

gold medalEuropean Ascent
silver medalUnitedKingdom SVIFT
bronze medalEuropean FAINT

Division 1
gold medalAlbania takeshi's traphouse
silver medalSerbia Garda Panteri
bronze medalDenmark Placeholder

Division 2
gold medalFrance FC Ferdi
silver medalHungary NeedMoreDM.com
bronze medalEuropean Whatever
bronze medalEuropean PARTYROCKERS

Mid Tier
gold medalUnitedKingdom Gainsbury's
silver medalAustralia TonyResort
bronze medalUnitedKingdom not dead doggo
bronze medalPoland Unicorn of Love

Low Tier
gold medalPoland Wall Rats
silver medalRussia ДЕПУТАТЫ
bronze medalEuropean Quality Control.
bronze medalEuropean Vodka Enthusiasts.

Open Tier
gold medalEuropean 1nstantReaction
silver medalItaly gang de' parchetto canecane edition
bronze medalEuropean nice fishies
bronze medalNetherlands Alles Door Oefening Den Haag


Season 37 Awards

And let us not forget about the award poll results! The winners are:


Season 38 Preview

We are still far from Season 38 but for the best preparation possible we are announcing that we will remove the plugin “Removal of Medic Attach Speed”. The other plugins will stay.


GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded

For teams that are eager to play during our off-season you can check out the Locked (down) & Loaded, hosted by Phoenix Red happening this weekend, January 30th & 31st!

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    ok so roster lock off now right?

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