2020 Fall Schedule: Another Follow-Up

Date August 28, 2020

Let us jump right into the core of this post by saying that there will be a (full) season in the remainder of 2020. We have heard your feedback and took some time to revise our 2020 fall schedule. Although we had initially hoped to give some more details in regards to the season this seems to be taking longer than we hoped. Expect more follow-up information on this in the future. We hope that this will at least allow 6v6 Season 36 teams that wish to stay together to already have some information to base their future decisions on.

Due to moving the regular season forward the Nations Cup will be pushed back, we are currently looking into when it would best be suited, but we cannot give an accurate time frame for it as of now.


  1. [blank]: [DA] - [DA] said:

    very epic

  2. Cuby: new - Jamz said:


  3. ZiggoKill: RAG - SeG said:


  4. Acrobatmorf: RAG - SeG said:


  5. jimmy: RAG said:


  6. Jake: notdoggo said:

    very nice thanks for listening

  7. laiky: Jr. - NNG said:

    im glad now my teammate can play instead of having a life :)

  8. An_Kangaroo: Snack said:

    Good Job ETF2L

  9. robin: Jr. said:

    thanks :)

  10. Axio: :) said:

    cant wait to play the worse gamemode sooner rather than later

  11. Yonas: LMFAO - HA said:


  12. Pepy: Dwayne said:


  13. kcr: ^ - ziggy said:

    happy to see you guys listen to feedback, well done :)

  14. Rahmed: BGAETA said:

    Pog moment

  15. Hoxtilicious: *aip - 9MC said:

    oh thank fuck, i can play!!

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