End of the Year Schedule: A Follow Up

Date July 19, 2020

Looking at the communities response to our scheduling update published yesterday we feel the need to clarify certain topics further as they were not explained thoroughly in the initial post. We will not be leaving you without any competition in the fall of 2020, we apologize if yesterday’s post felt like that would be the case.

Why did we decide to delay season 37?

To open up room for testing a handful of community projects. If we had filled in the open slot with a 6s season there would have been no time for this. Secondly, if we would have scheduled in a season with an appropriate break after season 36 it would have ended around the middle/late December. However as we are hopeful for Copenhagen Games being able to happen in 2021 we want to make sure we have a season that leads up to that event for teams to solidify. The season would have to start late January to match up with that schedule and thus in a best case only leaving slightly more then a month break for playoff participants.

tl;dr We want to be able to test some things community members have been asking for as well as avoid back to back seasons without decent downtime.

A sidenote as well, the nations cup schedule as mentioned is a draft. This event also does not impact other ideas we have for the majority of the 6s playersbase.

What are we trying to plan for the fall of 2020?

We’re currently working out how we exactly want to approach the time frame as there has not being something of this sort within recent history. As referenced in the above a section it will most likely be spent and trying out new things.
A couple of the idea that have been considered but not properly analyzed yet are:

  • A number of shorter cups in which things like maps, plugins, promod, whitelist, … changes can be tested. If you have a great idea for a short cup feel free to inform a league admin about your idea.
  • A multiple week scout speed/Promod cup: This multiple week spanning cup will gave both the player base and the admin team a better understanding of the impact of these changes on the game. This extra gathered data will help us setup S37, with a ruleset that a majority of the community agrees on.

If these ideas were to fail we will do our best to fill it up with a replacement. This might be a long cup/mini season or something else along the lines. We hope to have more details in the near future so teams can adjust and schedule accordingly.

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  1. Axio: (Trial Admin) - KANKERBOYS said:


  2. Blobchap: McV - [MB] said:


  3. Captain Coomer: said:

    we want 6s season

  4. wonder: TCM said:


  5. Hoxtilicious: VoS said:

    I’m not against this, it’s just unfortunate because as of right now this might result in me being unable to make next 6s season

  6. spolioz: GADOU said:

    So as of right now, you have nothing scheduled and only offer a wishlist of things as justification for skipping a season ?

    The reality is that it’s very likely you’ll drop a lot of players doing that and would just better be off (not even taking into account the possibility of a second wave of covid and another lockdown) doing the Season and only having a short break before starting S38 in january.

    Want to test Promod changes ? Do the whole Season with them and decide before S38 and the lan.

  7. Jake: D O G G O said:

    I understand your reasons but I think the playerbase will suffer. I’m not sure if its as important as you think to have a season finish in the lead up to copenhagen games rather than having one come after that period instead.

  8. Bluee: GCEU said:


  9. Dombasek: :pray: said:

    Are these cups going to be as big as a season? If not why run them and replace a season? If yes, why not just run a season?
    Can we really not fit another season into the last 5 months of the year? Very silly if you ask me.

  10. Fr3unen said:

    At least the admins and cup managers are trying their best to keep this community alive. Keep up the good work and don’t let the haters drag you down.

  11. supra: (League Admin) - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    I think making a 6s season is more beneficial than doing 6s cups, I’ve been talking with Gubbins on his stream and he made a good point: majority of games seem to not care about the cups mostly because a lot of people do meme stuff on it, there are no prize pools nor medals for one night cups other than pixel trophy on the ETF2L team profile.
    Also a lot of people are isolated/working at home (like me) and more available than usual since this whole coronavirus outbreak which makes me think it would be actually a good time to push more games than usual while this plan makes people play less games than usual.

    The only reasons I think it may be understandable are staff changes (sorry guys :D) and the server failure and data recovery attempts which I know it’s really hard task to do since you need to merge old data with new portion while a lot of people recreated their profiles, so their profiles differ with their ID and potential data, so basically in order to not dig in all data manually it needs some app to be written to compare and insert correct data. That’s some sort of rough stuff.

    And of course please respect admins, I believe they’re doing their best to make European TF2 competitive as much fun for everyone as possible. If you place your opinions here, it’s highly likely they’re gonna read it and draw some conclusions.

  12. NKF: [HA] - #T4F said:

    RIP 6s…RIP Etf2l

  13. kKaltUu: UbeR | - -chess- said:

    Personally I’d rather have cups, as this current season seems to be a shitshow for scheduling. But that might have a lot to do with that we’re all old farts that have jobs and lives that interfere with game nights.

    Normally I would be saying a 6s season and 6s Nations Cup would be a bit much, but as iseries is canceled I think it can be managed better now.

    Could you post some provisional schedules so the community can have a better view on how it’d fit into the next few months?

    Also if you’re going to do cups, please recruit new admins, as cups are a very good way for new admins to learn how running the league works.

  14. Kanga: duplo - PP said:

    in the simplest of terms. Dumb idea

  15. laiky: monke - KANKERBOYS said:

    what this man said ^

  16. smrk: Ѧ - 0FO said:

    guys, you can still go and play UGC 6s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  17. quell: UbeR | - GoodE said:

    do cups.

    the reasoning for not doing another 6s season now is valid. maybe some ppl forget but this is still a game thats supposed to be fun

  18. nagle: FGM - pog said:

    the level of incompetence these people show is honestly laughable ahaha

  19. Collaide: Winsmore said:

    i don’t think nagle has the right to laught at anyone or call anyone incompetent

    have a season tho, i want to play the videogame.

  20. pesky: BIOCHEMIST - WARSAW said:


  21. Dashij: kox said: