Entries from September 2019

Season 34 Week 1: Ora Elektro vs. sauna slayers

Date September 26, 2019

Banner by Tonight at 21:15 CEST! Ora Elektro The upcomers, filled with fire Can they break saunas? But sauna slayers The experienced phoenix Blazes hot and fierce For our production: Archrhythm, with chattery Surny, Eepily. Play-by-play: Surny | Analysis: Eepily | Production: ArchRhythm | Match Page | Ora Elektro | Sauna Slayers | Written by […]

Season 34 Provisional Tiers

Date September 20, 2019

Banner by Sadly  ended up not being able to commit to the season. As a result will be taking their place in Premiership.

Season 34 Final Map Pool and Preseason Qualifiers

Date September 14, 2019

Map Pool and Rotation The following 6 maps had already been confirmed. cp_granary_pro_rc8 cp_gullywash_final1 cp_process_final cp_snakewater_final1 cp_sunshine koth_product_rcx After having a public community poll we’re finalizing the map pool. Within the vote it became clear that there was a large preference for a 7 map pool season. Together with that based off of the voting […]

Season 34 Map Pool vote, S33 Wrap-up, S34 Preseason Cup Wrap-up, Staff Changes

Date September 10, 2019

Season 34 Map Pool vote Similar to Season 32, we’ll be hosting a vote to decide on some of map pool. With us already having announced 6 of the maps that will be in the season this will be a shorter poll. This poll will get closed on Friday at 23:00 CEST and we will […]

Season 33: Awards Show

Date September 8, 2019

With the ETF2L Season 33 Award Polls still open for a few hours (until 20 CEST) the closing ceremony will be an awards show where the winners will be presented their pixel trophies. Join your hosts  &   with ETF2L Head Admin  announcing the awards and guests  ,   &   tonight at 22:00 CEST on KritzKast.  […]