Season 33: Map Pool and Rotation revealed!

Date May 21, 2019

Map Pool

The map pool for Season 33 will consist of the same maps played in the previous season, with cp_prolands making a comeback with the rc2t version, featured at Copenhagen Games 2019! Alongside that we have chosen cp_metalworks as the final addition to the map pool! Also koth_product has received an update and will be using the rcx version from now on.

However with this many maps in the rotation it forces some maps to be played only once in the season, with majority of them still getting played twice as usual.

Map Pool

1 Addition to the map pool for S33
2 Updated map version

Map Rotation


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  1. Kimi07: ヽ(゜∇゜) said:

    i’d like it better if propaganda for logjam and cascade for product but this map pool is good too i guess. and since sunshine,logjam and prolands only for 1 play, well.

  2. PenDraGon: 1986 said:

    can we have more koth please :eyes:

  3. Donuskus: W said:

    +1 pendragon

  4. Cyanic: doge said:

    in what world is cascade better than product lmao

  5. HopelessFerret: ^ - Wiki said:

    Oh man, I was hoping for Isla to get in the map pool

    Also, how will playoff pickbans change with 9 maps? If it’s again 1 ban 1 pick lower seed, 1 ban 2 picks higher seed, it’s such an advantage to the higher seed.

  6. Jake: notdoggo said:

    Not a big fan of the 9 different maps. Feels a little pointless to have a couple of maps only once.

  7. Strealtash: -Xe- said:

    reckoner > logjam

  8. bum: YAK - YNWA. said:

    any whitelist changes to come?

  9. hi im cupcake: (ETF2L Donator) - notdoggo - hi im dog said:

    I feel like the main issue with new maps has always been that people don’t play them enough, get bored after a season and then we get in another map noones playing. I don’t see how having maps for one week is gonna help with that.

  10. hamaham: YAK - doge said:

    CAN WE PLEASE HAVE cp_metalworks_eu which will be the same map as metalworks but the difference is that it won’t be looking like the most fucking depressed map on the planet!!! it’s a proven FACT that americans are really stupid and low iq compared to europeans which is why they accept such a sad looking map into their league but i really feel like we should have higher standards

  11. NeuTronas: Sora⚡️ said:

    prolands only once and metalworks twice? What is this?

  12. hi im cupcake: (ETF2L Donator) - notdoggo - hi im dog said:

    also my other big problem with this is from a player point of view on a team that likes to play a little more strategy reliant. We play 3 days a week for 4 maps each (which I think is both common and very reasonable), one of which is gonna be an official. This leaves my team with 5 maps of practice for, say logjam. One of those were gonna use for a maptalk, and admittedly the first time playing a map after a maptalk is always a bit of a disaster. So realistically we end up with somewhere inbetween 3-4 maps of actual practice. Just seems a bit silly imo

  13. Joseph__: YAK said:

    retarded map pool remove logjam and metalworks keep the others

  14. frey: ★GF said:

    how strong is logjam lobby here that it stayed in the map pool

  15. None_: BBB said:

    In my opinion, playing some maps only once is a downside while having more maps is an upside(allows us to try more new maps without removing the classic maps that would cause complaining). However this makes the maps that are played twice worth more in standings, so it is a bit weird to have the new map played twice. Though I guess it promotes teams putting effort to learn it. I do like metalworks though so this is not a complaint, just find it a bit weird on a conceptual level.
    I feel somewhat conflicted about this but I hope it doesn’t get retconned before trying it out.

  16. SirDuck: McB - [MB] said:

    I went and googled the patch notes for the maps that got updates for you all

    – prevent players from changing class from the enemy spawn
    – fixed smoothing groups on the rock models

    – Easier to push out due to new spawn times
    – Explosions get eaten by the environment less
    – Changed some unintentional hiding spots
    – Made transitions between top lobby and last more open
    – Trying to make movement more fluid with clipped walls and higher rooves.
    – Changed how the last point looks (rc2p)

  17. earl: bzzz said:

    Love the map pool and variety