Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games &, Division 1 Grand Finals: THE THEORISTS vs. Professional Disney Fangirls

Date November 27, 2018

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THE THEORISTS vs Professional Disney Fangirls

Tonight, S31 draws to a close for Division 1, as Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls square off against European THE THEORISTS in the season’s Grand Finals.

In anticipation of the match, we spoke with both teams’ leaders, to find out about the seasons they’ve had, their experience playing together, and their thoughts ahead of Wednesday evening’s series.


Few teams in ETF2L history have been around for as long as Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls, with a Disney-obsessed core dating back as far as season thirteen.

“Myself, Denmark Toast and Sweden Villdjack have played together for a few years now’, said Spain CeeJaey. ‘It’s the first season since this team was made that Sweden Seal hasn’t been playing – he is team owner, coach, mascot and the original Disney fanatic”.

However, despite playing together at Copenhagen Games and at i63, this season’s been a whole new world for the fangirls. With UnitedKingdom Joseph__, Sweden Seal and Germany Der_Milchmann leaving the team, “we had to find three new players, and work out what kind of lineup we were gonna have”, CeeJaey said.

Though time was of the essence, they made three excellent pick-ups, as Finland ekkelund, Finland neon, and CzechRepublic ekta koling entered the fray.

The group was initially a little unsure of their prospects for the season ahead. “This team was put together in the days leading up to signups, and there was talk of whether we should go for Div 1 or 2”, CeeJaey said.

Nevertheless, it was all change once regular practice kicked off. “As the season started and we began playing, I felt winning the division was totally possible, [and reaching] the final was definitely the aim”.

“We have some really strong DM players on our team, ekkelund has a great maincalling style that everyone is on board with, and we play in a way that suits what we want to do. Communication and coordination have been something we’ve really worked on all season, and I think it’s improving”.

It’s been a season to remember for CeeJaey and friends. In fact, there’s only one team that they’ve been unable to beat – their opponents in the final, European THE THEORISTS.


While European THE THEORISTS lack the vintage of Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls, does it really matter when you lose just one map in the season?

“Our team is Finland aph and England YeeHaw Scouts, Netherlands Jordy and Sweden Collaide Soldiers, myself on Demo and UnitedKingdom Doughy on Medic”, England mak began.

“As a group of people we’ve been playing since about S28/29”, he continued. “Last season our friendgroup was split among two teams, and it didn’t work out very well for anyone. We decided to put it together when we realised that we were playing well in the Essentials cups against Prem teams”.

As a prospective hypothesis, European THE THEORISTS anticipated that their new experiment would lead to largely successful results – which they delivered in style. “My team was confident and always had ambitions of playoffs”, Mak said, “which is fair because they’re all powerful fighters”.

“Going into the season, I personally wasn’t very confident, though that was mostly in my own play and because there were still eight teams. After week three/four, I stepped up my play to the point where I am about as confident as the rest of the team”.

After a near-undefeated season, Mak told us that the team’s success comes primarily from the high skill and coordination of its players. “Our team has very strong overall DM, with the largest contribution being made by our Scout combo. However, at this point in the season I feel confident in saying our Soldiers and myself are also more than adequate”.

But will it be enough for the Grand Finals?


Despite beating Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls in both the regular season and the first round of the playoffs, European THE THEORISTS are too wise to rule out their opponents so early.

“‘The opposing team has a good mix of playmakers and then people with very strong discipline”, Mak said, “with several strong and unpredictable offclassers”. This includes toast – one of the most dominant Spy players in TF2 history – while Sweden Villdjack is also highly proficient at various off-classes.

“It means that they get free reign to attempt to do stuff for their team without having to worry about others on their team feeding”.

Meanwhile, there’s a quiet confidence in the European THE THEORISTS ranks that tonight they can go the distance.

“We’ve played European THE THEORISTS a lot”, CeeJaey said. “They were our Week 1 opponents and deservedly beat us. Throughout the season our scrims results have been pretty even, we’ve been winning more than most, but when it came to the upper bracket we lost again. They’re a strong team but I feel we have the potential to win, we just need to play at our best”.

Will European THE THEORISTS outsmart the Fangirls? Or will Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls finally get down to business with a season win?

Catch all the action on TF.TV on Wednesday night at 21:15.


Spain CeeJaey: “Just a shoutout to my team, it’s been a really fun season and I’m proud of how we’ve managed to get this far!”

England mak: “Shoutouts to everyone in my Mumble”.

Written by UnitedKingdom joe the brave

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