Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 7: Faint Gaming vs. SVIFT EU

Date November 8, 2018

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Faint Gaming vs. SVIFT EU

The final match of the regular season is upon us, and what a match it is ! SVIFT EU and Faint Gaming will battle it out in the hopes of reaching playoffs on the unpredictable Prolands and the classic Process.

It’s do or die for SVIFT EU, as nothing other than an almost-total victory will grant them access to the playoffs. Having recently picked up Ombrack, the team did not manage to seal the deal last week against Ora Elektro as that game ended in a draw. They did win Prolands during that however, so this good performance might be seen as an indicative of what they can do on this reworked staple.

Faint are looking like the favorites right now, due to having almost twice as many points as their opponent, but they have not played since week 4, and were in a streak of lost officials against Se7en and Ascent.EU. Now, SVIFT EU is a far different team but Faint’s might not be in the best possible shape compared to a few weeks ago. They still need to be careful as well, as while they cannot drop out of playoffs, they can fall down to the 4th place

So, will SVIFT EU walk home with a hard-earned playoff spot, or is their opponents’ lack of form an elaborate feint ? Tune in tonight to find out !

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: Eemes | Production: gemm | Match Page | UnitedStates THE GAY JAIL | Sweden Faint Gaming | Written by Aelkyr

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