ETF2L Gets a New Layer of Paint

Date July 18, 2018

As ETF2L has now seen its 10th Anniversary we have worked on giving the site a fresh look for the future. Constructive feedback is always appreciated and if you find any issues feel free to let us know and we’ll look at it as soon as possible. The changes are only visual changes and should not affect any of the existing features.

Some of the changes might not be visible instantly due to your browser caching styling items. To easily clear you cache for ETF2L only you can use a keyboard shortcut. Either ctrl + F5 or for MAC cmd + shift + R.

One of the changes is to our main logo. You can find our brand guidelines down below.

ETF2L Brand Guidelines

ETF2L Logo

Please don’t edit, recolour, or change our logo in any way.

Alternative Logos

These should be used only if the other logo has already been used on the same page, and is clearly visible. The phrase “European Team Fortress 2 League” should also be included in your design somewhere when using these, especially if you choose not to show the main logo.

for light backgrounds for dark backgrounds


If you want to use any of our logos, contact our media staff for approval of your design. This is just so we can ensure our logos are being used properly. You can contact our media staff through the ETF2L Discord.

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  1. hondjo: :muscle: - :) said:

    dark theme or quitting tf2

  2. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    bring back grey and orange tin or gay

  3. mattikus: notRC said:

    Waaay too bright in my opinion.

  4. Wild_Piggie: TSM - رمال said:

    The logo in the banner should have a link to return to the homepage

  5. mynkya said:

    Definitely needs either a dark theme or a re-evaluation of how the current text is sitting on light backgrounds with light type colours. Currently, some information is lost, hard to read or doesn’t attract the user’s eye which makes the new revamp less user-friendly than its predecessor. An example of this is the player controls in the top right of the website banner, which on higher brightnesses could pose an issue for visibility

    Some other features should be worked on or removed, as they are outdated already and look even more so with the new changes. Examples of this include black text boxes on team roster pages, the overuse of horizontal rules and the current visuals of the forums not being in line with the rest of the website.

    Also, agreed with WildPiggie, let the banner be clickable and allow you to return to the home. New-ish logo is cool too.

  6. Wiethoofd: (Newswriter) - LvG - regretful said:

    Dark version of the theme would be appreciated, as well as the return of a link to the home page in the banner.

    Time to tinker with some CSS in the mean time; Result of 20 minutes to get a darker version:

  7. spammyh: brew said:

    looks great

  8. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    font visibility issue with the top right panel located on the etf2l banner
    a fix would be either a change of font size, colour or addition of a dark/black shadow onto the
    orange font(current one is bright i assume)

  9. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - Wiki said:

    The anchor for the old logo is still in the same place as the old version, probably already figured that out but incase you hadn’t

  10. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    tables/recruitment look completely out of place, it requires more work than a simple change of colours, but in the event of a design rework as well as colour rework i reckon its not going to be well received

  11. Funs: веазтмоде - BMS said:

    please make side bars blue

  12. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    previous user forum posts on any user’s profile remain not reworked and as a result “look off”
    another element missed out on
    background of the sorting tab on recruitment remains untouched and “looks off” as well, i would opt for the darker of the two colours on the tables as the colour of choice

  13. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    recruitment posts themselves background colour is not reworked

  14. Lurkki: .ƒlow - MUUMIT said:

    way too little contrast between all the orange text and the white background

  15. lybon: PitO. said:

    It’s rather bright. some light blue or maybe a black/orange colour scheme would work better.

    a VERY rough idea of what I personally think would be an improvement (though remember this extremely rough) can be seen here:

    TL;DR though: use shades of light blue to make the site feel less bright, or use a darker color scheme.

  16. WML: ziggy said:

    I think the space for text is generally fine, just fill up the blank sides with nothing on them with something dark.

  17. Adje: رمال said:

    Black/white is fine in terms of contrast but it’s incredibly bright, maybe a slightly darker shade would help to not destroy people’s eyes the same way everyone with Discord Light theme went blind in no time

    Also are there any actual branding guidelines regarding colors? Asking cause I’ve been messing around with Xamarin Forms since honestly the mobile version of the website looks very unreadable to me

  18. prsn: thiago said:

    i really like t he change the white seems neat but the orange font colour really bothers me on that white maybe change it to some sort of darker colour or change the font completely maybe some broader bodied font like idk there are a lot

  19. ondkaja: BM said:

    sorry but the colours are pretty awful

  20. gemm: BALLS said:

    Never use full white, use off white

    And you should probably guidelines on what background to place your logo, for instance it looks shit on the full white background you have and will look pretty bad on anything too bright or that clashes with the blue

  21. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - Sora⚡️ - m a s o n said:

    forum/recruitment section/logo link placement should all be fixed
    Main area colouring is set darker so nobody dies while having to submit match results tonight.
    Keep in mind that we’re only testing things out and consistently looking for constructive feedback on it.

    The comments here will be kept clear of just random messages that already have been posted or dont add anything to the conversation.

  22. prsn: thiago said:

    what still bothers me is the <> thing on top it still looks out of place with that font the font in which the names and team names are written could be quite nice i think. idk if thats even possible with wordpress but im just saying

  23. prsn: thiago said:

    eeh the my profile stuff i meant

  24. Barthiz: dead lol - inv said:

    Make a darker theme. That’s all I want.

  25. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - LR - KANKERBOYS said:

    i like the look but my eyes are in pain

  26. STiNGHAN: inv said:

    make option to choose between dark/white theme, my EYES

  27. MoreBuckets!: 9MC said:

    apperantly it’s black now

  28. STiNGHAN: inv said:

    so much better now

  29. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - Sora⚡️ - m a s o n said:

    I’ll look at making it switchable tomorrow + some other minor stuff that got mentioned.
    Also a bit more cleaning as this was done a bit in a rush.

  30. Adje: رمال said:

    really liking the black
    the orange has nice contrast as well but i feel like it’s quite dominant on the black while on the white bg it was just to indicate something was clickable for navigation
    that’s just a minor thing though other than that it’s a major improvement
    the light coloured mountain banner also feels a bit out of place with the new dark design imo

  31. narkkari: #GUCCI - VR said:

    Transfers colour rework remains from the bright version

  32. FTH: (ノಠOಠ)ノ - رمال said:

    Black good

  33. Amadeus: -Xe- said:


    That’s my constructive feedback.

  34. invis: bl4z3 - 9INE said:

    One little thing i’ve noticed is profile avatars do not refresh after midnight

  35. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - Sora⚡️ - m a s o n said:

    Should be working again.

  36. invis: bl4z3 - 9INE said:

    Still not working somehow but it’s just a little mess anyway. Idk if it is because of the new layout or not.

  37. invis: bl4z3 - 9INE said:

    @Aoshi Nevermind, it is fine now.