Season 29: Update & Premiership Qualifiers Announcement!

Date January 21, 2018

Global Whitelist Update

After the cup has concluded and we collected your feedback we are announcing the Season 29 whitelist. Thanks to everyone for participating and a big shoutout to the cup’s sponsor
Also congratulations to our winners of the Global Whitelist Test Cup: Japan got a point!!!!

As a reminder of what changed compared to last season’s whitelist and the tested whitelist of our previous cup, here is a quick rundown:

Multiple Classes

  • BASE Jumper -> Banned
  • Panic Attack -> Unbanned


  • Sandman -> Unbanned
  • Bonk! Atomic Punch -> Banned


  • Cow Mangler 5000 -> Banned
  • Beggar’s Bazooka -> Unbanned


  • Dragon’s Fury -> Banned
  • Backburner -> Unbanned
  • Gas Passer -> Banned
  • Thermal Thruster -> Unbanned
  • Hot Hand -> Unbanned


  • Natascha -> Banned
  • Second Banana -> Unbanned
  • Gloves of Running Urgently -> Unbanned


  • Vita-Saw -> Unbanned


  • Darwin’s Danger Shield -> Unbanned
  • Machina -> Banned

For more information on the matter, click here.

Map Rotation Update

In order to keep the Map Rotation feeling fresh, it will be changing from season-to-season, starting now! Originally held back due to updates to some of our pro maps, we decided to go with the trusted versions of either map, namely prolands and granary_pro, while keeping the schedule change.

Rule Update

We will be adding a new rule to our 6v6 rules which will be valid for all tiers for their respective Grand Finals. This change was agreed upon in order to ensure that a team fields their main lineup in the final match of the season to prove their strength, while still allowing a single merc in case of any availability issues.

1.4.1 A team can use up to a maximum of 1 merc in Grand Final matches.

A team can use up to a maximum of 1 merc in a Grand Final match of any tier, even if the opponent would allow the use of more than 1 merc.

Premiership Qualifiers

Now to the more exciting news: We have decided on our qualifiers for the Season 29 Premiership division!
With SouthAfrica nunya having superior results in their application and European Se7en being a returning champion, both of the teams will be joining last season’s prem teams France top5rocket and European SVIFT, as well as last season’s winning high team Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team, without partaking in the Qualifiers.

The following teams will be fighting for one of three spots, with the seedings on their starting bracket:

Starting from the Upper Bracket, we have these 4 teams:

As well as these 2 teams starting from the lower bracket:

Here is how the brackets will work: Four teams will be facing off in the upper bracket, whose winners will move directly into Premiership. The losers of the upper bracket matches will drop into the lower bracket where the remaining two teams are waiting. Winners of the lower bracket matches will be fighting over the last available spot in the lower bracket final.
You can find a more visual explanation of the brackets here.

Update: Because of European SVIFT dropping out of the season, we have changed the Qualifier bracket slightly

The playoffs will take place from Sunday 21st to Friday 26th January with each round having only couple days of time to be played.

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  1. Olgha: LT said:

    This organization is stupid, even us, dabzlands, could have been in prem

  2. ekkelund: sirkkels said:

    stfu olgha youre stupid!!!

  3. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    Whats the point of the merc rule? Or rather was this actually a problem before?

  4. myownigorek said:

    @SVMZITANK AF won prem with 3mercs. is it good in your opinion?

  5. tobs: Danmark said:

    kr4tos is back PogChamp to prem playoffs 4Head

  6. Wafu said:

    T0m and spudd on danger dogs Kreygasm

  7. Lupus: Guardsman said:

    My team not even in lower bracket lol.

  8. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LMFAO said:

    It would’ve been nice to know the order of the maps when the season was announced, not just one week before the season is starting.

  9. Menty: butter dog - Nein said:

    @TimTum I’m sure one week is enough, considering every other week you’re gonna be practising for max. 1 week as well

  10. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LMFAO said:

    The only thing you are forgetting is that most players that started playing in S24 or later, only played Sunshine once (if they played S28). Sunshine isn’t a default map in 6s, so to only have one week to learn a new map isn’t enough imo. I like the idea of switching the order of the maps though, I just don’t think it’s good to have sunshine in week 1 already.

  11. narkkari: traphouse said:

    rip my -173 from forwards spawn

  12. T.J aka Kacperski75: GM2L said:

    Wait, LEGO not in prem?

  13. tea: ϟ1945ϟ - ⚣fock⚣you⚣ said:

    Legos are passing one season