Season 13: Premiership Match – Quarantine vs. Crack Clan

Date October 2, 2012

Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Quarantine vs. Crack Clan

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Match Overview
European Quarantine vs European Team Infused
Week 2 (Premier Division)
Date Tuesday, October 2nd 21:15 CEST



2 - 4



1 - 3

European Quarantine [0:6] European Team Infused

Tonight at 21.15 CEST Kazakhstan Quarantine plays Germany Crack Clan in their week 2 match on cp_gullywash_final1 and cp_granary.

Both teams suffered player losses at the start of the season, in Germany Crack Clan‘s case the new roster is rather set after playing together for almost a month. Them beating France Punchline yesterday 5-1, who are widely considered a playoff candidate, Germany Crack Clan are confirming their role as a playoff aspirant, even with the new roster. Kazakhstan Quarantine had to deal with similar roster issues, with Netherlands Qun replacing Israel Erectus and Sweden lime replacing Israel Tarkus, who was found cheating. Let’s see if Kazakhstan Quarantine‘s new players can live up to the expectations or if Germany Crack Clan will float on the wave of success to another win on the road to the playoffs.

VanillaTV will be covering this match with England Byte and a new caster trial mfcrocker, with the always present Netherlands Comedian on the cam. Make sure to tune in.

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