Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

Season 13: More prizes, maps, unlocks and rule changes

Date August 29, 2012

(by huhy)

More Prizes!

Thanks to an anonymous benefactor (no, not Russia Angel), we are pleased to announce the addition of money prizes with of a total of 2502€ for Premiership title winners, additional to the gaming gear, sponsored by Tt eSPORTS:

  • Premiership winner: 1500€
  • Premiership runner-up: 750€
  • Premiership third place: 252€

On top of that, players in all divisions will receive in-game medals for winning the group, as well as participation medals for finishing the season. For real this time. Once our medals are added into the game, hopefully we’ll be able to issue them to participants of previous competitions as well.

New Player Guide

If you are new to 6v6, ETF2L or competitive TF2 in general, we’ve created a new page to help you get started – [The Newcomer Guide]. The guide is still being worked on, so feel free to suggest improvements or ask for more info on any topic.

Map Pool Changes

cp_gravelpit has always been more popular in the higher divisions. This is backed up by previous map polls at ETF2L and several other occasions – it is basically the sole reason it stayed so long in the map pool. Based on recent feedback we received from current and coming top teams, we have decided to replace cp_gravelpit with cp_process. R.I.P. cp_gravelpit, you will surely be missed (by some, at least).

***UPDATE*** The maker of cp_process, USA scorpiouprising, has released a new version of the map that fixes a clipping bug. The official ETF2L version of the map is cp_process_b10fix!

This means the mappool now consists of:

Turbine Ruleset

For Season 13, Turbine will be played under a completely different ruleset:

Each Turbine round is first to 5 with a timelimit of 10 minutes. The first team to win 2 rounds out of 3 wins the map.

If neither team won 2 rounds after 3 rounds have been played, due to one or more rounds ending in a draw, an overtime round with a timelimit 5 and winlimit 1 is played. If neither team scores a cap during the overtime round, it is repeated until a team scores a cap. If an Overtime round decides the match winner, the result counts as golden cap win (or loss).

We will be using ctf_turbine_pro_rc2, which moves the spawns closer to the roll gate and fixes some minor bugs with props. A separate config for CTF will be added before Season 13 starts. Thanks to England Mark for handling this!

Unlock Rules

We went over the feedback we received in the Idea Box regarding the possible addition of several unlocks. The feedback was good but did not fulfill our expectations in terms of quantity. One other thing that we noticed was that most feedback was based on assumptions rather than experience.

For Season 13, the unlock rules will be the same as Season 12, meaning the stock weapons, Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg, Übersaw, Crusader’s Crossbow and weapon reskins are allowed. However, we are planning a big cup with several unlocks and prizes close to the end of Season 13.

All Season 13-related information has been compiled at the Season 13 Hub page for easy reference.

Rule Changes

Some rule changes have been made, most of which will affect premiership teams only and are aimed to improve league professionalism.


This rule is a direct response to multiple complaints of players, spectators and casters about players changing their names midgame or using fake nicknames in officials. In order to maintain the level of professionalism we are looking for, all teams in the premiership division must submit a list of official names for their players.

Players may only play with their “official” nickname, team tags and sponsorship additions are allowed. If a team uses a player that has no nick assigned he will be treated as an unregistered merc, which results in a warning. This rule may be enforced even without explicit reports from the opposing team.

STV Demos

For every match in the premiership division it is now mandatory to upload STV demos for all maps played within 72 hours. The responsibility to upload the demos is on the team that owns the server or, if the server is owned by neither team, by the team that arranged the server. In case of a technical failure of the server, if it can be proven, the demo does not have to be uploaded. These warnings can be removed upon request when they are added later.

No more late matches

This rule applies to all teams. Each match now has to be played within its week’s deadline. If the results have not been submitted on Saturday or 72 hours after the scheduled time (whichever comes first) a minor warning will be applied. This warning will not be removed.

(Re)scheduling outside the play week without approval from an admin will result in both teams receiving a minor warning (non-removable). An extension of up to 7 days is possible if both teams agree and an admin’s approval is given. If the match with the extended deadline has no result at the end of the next Saturday or 72 hours after the schedule, both teams will receive a minor warning.

Stricter Warnings

While not all of these are new additions, these rules will be strictly enforced in Season 13:

  • Warnings issued for any reason other than missing screenshots and demos are not removable.
  • Three active minor warnings of any kind result in a major warning, which is not removable even if the minor warnings were.
  • Second active warning of the same type (two warnings for flaming, two late matches in a row, etc) results in a major warning. This warning is removable only if the component warnings are.
  • Second major warning now deducts 2 points.


  1. atmo said:


  2. MInd: [hePPa] said:

    Nice rules, OK maps, would have prefered viaduct over process tho.

  3. Buttnose said:

    fuck process, give me gpit

  4. Regen: nf. - 9F said:

    Holy shit you guys are legends

  5. Daleth: ti. - [PG] said:

    QQ Epsilon can’t handle different nicknames

  6. beach: [DA] - [DA] said:


  7. Mark!: Phase said:

    The new version of turbine also raises the ceiling on middle a bit.

  8. Mercyless: ORACLE said:

    bye gravelshit

  9. gibix: iH said:


    gravelpit, you will be missed :'(

    on the other hand, i like the addition of process. turbine i have mixxed feelings over it

  10. Silan: (Actual Size) said:

    I wish we could stick to CP maps, i’m fearing that teaching a div6 clan to play Turbine properly is gonna be a bitch.

    Everything else seems spot on, especially the prizes and medals are gonna be a big draw. Nice work!

  11. Link!: .:ne:. said:

    fuck turbine give me gpit

    fucking worst decision ever

  12. punct: Do be - Rambase.ro said:

    Awesome news, great rule additions / reinforcements. Well done, admins. I can only hope you’ll apply these more strictly.

  13. Peign: snapeandjaptorc said:

    Sry Huhy but too dramatic music. I felt like i had to scream towards heaven. “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, s13’s heeeeeeeere”

  14. Peign: snapeandjaptorc said:

    sry, but cant edit here: +99999999 for that newcomer page! It’s a GREAT idea!

  15. Rudd said:

    gpit!!!! nooooooooooooo!!!!

  16. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    Holy shit this is so awesome it kind of forces me to stay around in tf2 :D

  17. supersimplet: ôBowdel | - CnS said:

    just one thing : tek is a bogoss !!!

  18. Beater: Danmark - LEGO said:

    Love the addition of Process instead of Gpit! Sounds like some of the new rules are a little on the anal side though.

  19. Starkie: ulti? - sniper said:

    Nice decision to replace gpit, it’s far too punishing for much it’s played in pcws
    Seems odd to have turbine though, hopefully some worthy 5cp map will come along to replace it
    Also, someone fix granary_pro!

  20. ( /ʃɔ’jɛ/ [↘↗] ): keso said:

    cp_snakewater is still unofficial, you might want to add the link for that too.

  21. Izziii said:

    Its nice that the stv demos will be uploaded to etf2l ! :)

  22. Old_Grandma: OGizzle said:

    horrible decision.

  23. Old_Grandma: OGizzle said:

    also mark you’re a fucker, fix gran_pro instead of fiddling around with turbine.

  24. Datenshi: ‹Con› - evCon. said:

    …….One thing that bothers me the most is the ‘prem only’ rules. No offense but I think that’s pretty stupid. If you want a rule enforce it on the whole league not just the top teams.

    Saying that, I’d really love to have STV demos from prem teams available but it’s completely unfair to them if the rest of the league doesn’t need to do it.

    And the nick rule should definitely hold for the whole league. I know it’s because of casting and everything, but prem teams are not the only ones being casted anyways. Also that rule would make checking if players are on the team much easier (yes people do check the steam ids of the enemy team players).

    I’m not particularly thrilled about stricter warnings but I support that.

    Also yay turbine!
    And [insert rant about playing custom maps that aren’t out of beta in a league].

    Oh and nice work on that newbie guide :D

    That’s all.

  25. Linus: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    cause people actually want to see how prem teams play.

  26. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Yes, Datenshi, I would like to enforce these rules for the whole league as well.
    If every team had to upload stv demos though, it would 1) cause a high traffic and would need about 3 GB HDD space extra on our server every week and 2) would cause a much higher workload because we would have to manually check every match page and would need to contact many teams to ask whose server they played on. That is in no relation to the outcome.
    Regarding the nicknames: You can currently change your nickname at ETF2L at any time. Locking it for everybody seems a bit daft to me as well. I am thinking that only allowing one name change every 5-6 months and enforcing to use the site nickname could work in the future though.

  27. Hovis said:

    Looking forward to it :)

  28. Andy1892: Sexy said:

    gpit>turbine. anyways looking forward-> process.

  29. FIR: SnG said:

    Looking forward to turbine and process, fresh maps to inject some fuel into the tf2 fire :D i’m not gonna lie though, I’m pretty happy shitpit is out, but not because its a horrible map (it’s pretty awesome imo) but because of the time taken to play on it.

  30. Dr.KriPtz: |LP| - A4 said:

    It was better if you replace cp_turbine for cp_process! :( I LOVE GRAVELPIT!

  31. kustom3: AwS - DA! said:

    I’ll miss you Gravelpit. If only it would have been granary instead..

  32. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:


  33. Chaplain: the ninja - TSPAG said:

    apart from turbine, this is the best thing etf2l could have done. Would have liked first to 5, but w/e

  34. rockie said:

    well done with the mappool, process is a lovely map, no more gpit, it would’ve been better without granary as well but, it’ll be ok

  35. rarecandy said:

    I like the rule changes, hate that you removed gravelpit. Hope to see gravelpit added again next season.

  36. Ordinator: tuhi said:

    tf2 is serious business yo

  37. TheSucker: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    Even though gpit is one of my favourite maps to play (with a team), I see why it got removed and I am not very much against the idea (both turbine + gpit in the map pool is a bit weird and…. demanding). Big props to the admins for actually daring to take away one of the maps that’s been with us from the start (I think?)!

    Also, I’m very much in favour of the rule changes, will be fun to see half of div1 and prem have a negative score halfway through the season! :D

  38. Mr. iLevi: KRM - RH said:

    I would have loved to see granary go and have a map like follower in. Brave decision on removing gpit!

  39. bon: boliyduo - V.A.C. said:

    nice… now i working on turbine_pro_rc2… and BOOM… Mark… awesome…:\

  40. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    We thought you weren’t working on it anymore Bon, so when Mark contacted us about fixing some small issues with it we decided to go with that. Added you on steam to get it sorted. :)

  41. Tapley ❤: TEZC - TEZC said:

    Good job admins! Making the premiership a bit more professional and they’ll have to work for their money :). I hate Turbine and gravelpit, both are never played in pcw’s unless forced due to them being in the map pool that week. We need more good customer 5 point cp maps to rise through the ranks like gully and snake did :[.

  42. Wiper: idd. said:

    Awesome work! A tip for the newbie guide though, maybe you should explain how people put their team on here and how you can see tables, team pages and player profiles, and how it’s all linked to Steam.

  43. Andee: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    Im really surprised and happy with the change of the mappool, rules and the amount of prizemonies and.. MEDALS! Great work by the ETF2L team, for arranging this!

  44. Trell: |UKCS| said:

    Wow, nice work on the prize money, also LOVING seeing Turbine in the pool.

    Tapley; have you checked out cp_follower? Or to a lesser extent cp_fastlane (although the map is quite open until the last point, not quite convinced it would make a good comp map).

  45. frix: LG said:

    Finally gravelpit is out, thank god for this. Was such a drag to play it. Turbine is a nice addition, but ye maybe some new 5cp maps would be great :) Also the well done admins on the new ruleset.

  46. Arnold: DAKKA said:

    Guess i’m gonna stop mapping for 6’s, such a bloody shame to ignore my requests for feedback time and again. There has to be a reason for not including croissant and nobody is telling me right?

  47. Dazrovia said:

    WHERE IS GPIT HEH ??????
    Anyway nice map pool :((((((((

  48. Frenzy: ☻☻☻ said:

    Noooooooooooo. Where is Gpit?? ;(((( I wont play in S13 If there wont be Gpit.

  49. Leif said:

    RIP Gpit. One of the best maps to watch and play with a team has gone. I’d rather replace Granary for process but now it’s done.
    New rules seem good. Also I agree with Datenshi, applying the STV and nicknames rules only for prem it’s a bit unfair. Imho it should be apllied for Div 2 + since there are also some Div 2 games being casted and still watching div 2 demos can be useful as well if you like some players in particular.
    Nice prizes as well! And I’0m very glad with the medals!

  50. Oxy: TC.Express said:

    Tbh the only reason I would have been cool with gpit going is cos it’s never played in PCW’s, but now we have turbine which will suffer exactly the same fate :/

    Quite pleased to see another 5cp map though, freshens things up a little bit.

    Stricter rules for prem…. hf enforcing that ;)

  51. Not said:

    Awesome process is there <:

  52. Insane Aug said:

    process is good, but gpit :(((((( U could replace turbine with gpit :(((

  53. IPZIE: SUAVE said:

    Can someone give arnold a lolly and tell him that croissant is dire :/

  54. Battery said:


  55. Shayn. said:

    No Boston basher :'(

  56. atmo said:

    sad that there is no quick fix and refrigerator gun

  57. Arnold: DAKKA said:

    Can someone give arnold a lolly and tell him that croissant is dire :/

    You just told me thanks for the lolly, har har i invest time into making a map all i ask for is feedback you unbelievably immature child.

  58. h1: :3 - BM said:

    :O maybe prem teams might play more, and then again maybe not.

  59. Mercyless: ORACLE said:

    Its impossible to give feedback when you don’t play the map
    and its hard to play the map when its a torture to play

  60. THE_WILLY said:

    That ETF2L logo in the video is pretty cool, will it be a new banner for the league? And where can I downolad 90×90 one? Thanks :)

  61. Coco: [d¿s] said:

    Jezus christ guys stop bashing on Arnold, apparently people don’t know how much time is being put in making a map..
    I like croissant, don’t know why it isn’t played, but sadly if people just don’t like it then it won’t be played :/
    Good job on the new rules, looks pretty professional. I’m sad that Gravelpit had to go but I like the idea of a new map being added. Would have liked to see viaduct instead of turbine but yea, can’t have everything I guess :)

  62. knoxville: said:

    gunboats? -_-

  63. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    THE_WILLY: We will have a new logo (well, “a logo”), a new banner and a new design for the site “soon”. We will think about releasing a small logo pack too.

  64. Ritalin: [d¿s] said:

    process is a great addition, but I really feel that gpit should included ahead of a stalemate-y chokey enclosed-intel ctf map. gpit allows for a lot more excitement than turbine does.

    it’s not to late to change this! great news post overall, so well done on that regard etf2l

  65. IPZIE: SUAVE said:

    gave my feedback

  66. Kalhó: MM - Nave said:

    Unlock Rules
    “One other thing that we noticed was that most feedback was based on assumptions rather than experience.”

    How can you expect people to have opinions based on experience if we have never tried it?!

  67. Keyro: Cheater said:

    Great news, good decisions overall. Etf2l on fire <3.

    cp_process seems to have a great potential, hope we can have some frenzy scrims on it. That being said i agree with some comments below, croissant would have been fine too. I hope the map has really been considered by the admins, it has been tested in french league and the feedbacks were overall good, deserve a shot in my opinion.

  68. scorpiouprising said:

    Hey guys, quick heads up. Sonny black discovered a clipping error in b10, I went ahead and fixed the problem: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3492731/process/cp_process_b10fix.bsp

    Sorry about the inconvenience, hope you guys enjoy the map!

  69. Spride: iveR - SOAS said:

    “On top of that, players in all divisions will receive in-game medals.”

    We are still waiting for the medals you guys promised for the Highlander season 2 teams, so i have little doubts that we will get those aswell.

  70. Russian Guyovich: (Surging Meat Cable) - [T-A!]LoS said:

    No medals srs bis

  71. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Thanks scorpiouprising. I will edit the newspost as soon as I have the new version hosted at etf2l.org

  72. MoneyGrabber: IdPT said:

    Vanilla and med unlocks, as always.

  73. Kaneco said:

    Looks way more professional… I’m all for enforcing stricter rules for div1+, it’s a shame to see game being delayed without warning, games not being played, teams folding, players using fakenicks. It’s all fun and games but at the end of the day if someone is looking up to you so they can improve it really should be a bit more strict.

    Really sad about the unlocks, so much controversy and talk through last season and at the end all we get it, “heh, new season, vanilla+medlocks, and 1 unlock cup like last season, deal with it”.

    Same with the map pool, I was really hoping for viaduct pro to get added, it seems like a way more viable and competitively tested map than turbine. Sad with gpit leaving, it has always been a “clutch moments” map.

    Overall I like most of the new rules and how you enforce them, but somethings like unlocks have been left behind. And the “most feedback was based on assumptions rather than experience.” is not really a valid excuse since most of us didn’t get to play with unlocks yet and even then we had some of the top NA and AUS players giving their feedback on how unlocks affect the game.

  74. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Kaneco: We will most likely host a big cup towards the end of S13 that also features some selected unlocks AND will have some kind of prizes. That will hopefully be enough incentive for many teams to sign up and to give some proper feedback on how game breaking unlocks really are ;)

  75. wwww: ISIS - Panopticon said:

    Y U cp_process?! Y U NO cp_fastlane or koth_viaduct?

  76. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:


    “most of us didn’t get to play with unlocks yet”? Aside from things coming out during/after S10, we’ve always allowed most unlocks so unless you’re still very new you will have played with unlocks.

  77. tweekAAaAaAaArn\: ez-sports.ru said:

    if there was a choice between gpit and dustbowl, i’d pick dustbowl

  78. FIR: SnG said:

    “we’ve always allowed most unlocks”

    what?? afaik the only time unlocks were allowed was when cinnamon was implemented, and not any other time. on the other hand i may have completely misunderstood your meaning, which begs for clarification.

  79. Kaneco said:


    “give some proper feedback on how game breaking unlocks really are ;)” I really dislike how most people start with the assumption that unlocks are game breaking and not game changing instead, that’s probably one of the reasons they haven’t been implemented yet. I thought THIS NA rules cup was supposed to test the unlocks and get some feedback from there, if the feedback was negative just say it and say you won’t allow unlocks. Now we’re getting another cup, are you going to keep feeding us unlocks cup until we get fed up?


    Check FIR response, anyways, I have been reg here for more than 800 days but that won’t tell much since this is going to be my first season playing. Even if it wasn’t, the expectation we got from all the talk and the na rules cup was that something bigger than this was supposed to change, like a unified rulesed with north america or at least a similar one.

  80. snQx/Snox said:

    lol arnold, at least you still have gullywash final, don’t be so hard with you :)

  81. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Up to Season 9 we have always allowed unlocks.

  82. Spride: iveR - SOAS said:

    Buffalo, what about the medals from the Highlander Season 2? are we get a chance to see them anytime?

  83. Oxy: TC.Express said:


  84. FIR: SnG said:

    ah fair enough, I only started in s10. I have played with unlocks during my stint in the asian competitive scene before i arrived here, so I’m not fussed about it :D

  85. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Kaneco: The feedback from the NA rules cup is literally 3 posts…
    Also, you may have misunderstood me. I do not believe (all) unlocks are breaking the game. I would love to allow some unlocks, if I could be sure it is supported and wanted by the community. My statement that we need feedback on how game breaking unlocks are was ironic (and marked with a safety “;)”, I thought that made it clear enough)

  86. amppis: DTR said:

    Process is amazing <3

  87. Kocyk said:

    cp_coldfront maybe? :D also process is really nice map, great choice

  88. Spike Himself: TC said:

    ETF2L, please be careful with your minor and major warnings; don’t forget people are here to *play games*, not to be succumbed to a regime of sorts.
    From experience I know a stricter warning system makes an admin’s life a lot easier, but please don’t lose track of what you’re here for.

  89. envy said:

    People are free to “play games” in usual pcw. There is no competition without a discipline, just like in the any other kind of sport.

  90. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    thanks angel