Entries from August 2011

Sweet Spice Season 10!

Date August 27, 2011

It brings us great relief to announce that the summer hiatus is almost at an end, and the time for our 10th season is at hand! With i43 practically over (Check it out!) and only 17 weeks until Christmas, we have a decent window to host what will be our 10th main season. So without […]

Ultiduo finals tonight

Date August 24, 2011

UPDATE: Matches finished. Congratulations to Call of Duty Gamers UK for winning and Cardinals for coming 2nd. 6 matches are left in the tournament, all of them to be played 1 after the other tonight! The schedule is as follows: 19.00 CEST: Call of Duty Gamers UK 2-0 ql? 19:30: M&M 0-2 bunchiez 20:00: Cardinals […]

Summer Awards Results & Choose Your Season 10 Map Pool!

Date August 22, 2011

ETF2L Summer Seasons Awards! After a week of voting the time has come to announce the winners of the Summer Seasons Awards. A big thanks to everyone who voted and our congratulations to the winners! Player Awards Medic of the Season:  Mirelin (Team Thermaltake, 33% votes) Demoman of the Season:  Kaidus (Team Thermaltake, 28,8% votes) Soldier of […]

ETF2L Summer Seasons Awards 2011!

Date August 16, 2011

Summer Season Awards You’ve waited long enough, the time has finally come for you to cast your votes on your favourite players and teams in the ETF2L Summer Seasons Awards. The nominations were made by a jury of selected respected European TF2 personalities, including the likes of  Torden,  Arie and  Byte. They were allowed to nominate […]

Ultiduo schedule update

Date August 14, 2011

UPDATE: Brackets are up here Following on from the poll, the latest edition of the ultiduo cup will be on Monday 15th August. Signups will close at 16 CEST, when check-in will begin. Check-in finishes at 19 CEST, after which brackets will be made and drawn live in #etf2l at approximately 19:30 CEST. Matches are […]