Entries from August 2011

New Ultiduo #2 Date; Admin Updates, Summer Cups!

Date August 8, 2011

Ultiduo Cup #2 ¬†reschedule Having been made aware that a few teams would be unable to play on Sunday the 14th, and also because some people would prefer spectating the Bigfoot TF2 Challenge II Invite and play the 2nd ETF2L Ultiduo Cup at a later date, we are offering the opportunity to play on a […]

LAN Reminder (and Bans? No…)

Date August 3, 2011

Insomia 43 Tapley asked us to post the following summary of the Insomia 43 LAN in August. Remember to buy him (and your favourite ETF2L admins) a beer @ LAN! Hello Friends. With 3 weeks left till LAN I thought I’d get a big post put up to alert you to the fact that the […]

2nd ETF2L Ultiduo Cup (#9)

Date August 1, 2011

After the easy victory for virile unhumen in the last cup (final’s VOD was unfortunately removed, quarter-final is here), the challenge is to beat the now 4-time champions for yet another cash prize. The next cup will be on Sunday 14th August, with the finals on Sunday 21st August – nicely between Summer Assembly & […]