Monday Night Madness #7: Bazillion – Going live now!

Date December 6, 2010

The brackets for the Monday Night Madness cup have been generated and we are ready to have a good look at the new custom 5cp map Bazillion!

cp_bazillion by Arnold

High Bracket: Click here
Low Bracket: Click here

Round 1: 20:00 CET
Quarter Final: 20:45 CET
Semi Final: 21:30 CET
Final: 22:15 CET

STV highlights:
UB finals: Blight vs The MIPC Organization – connect
LB finals: Quarantine vs – connect

Some reminders:

Please contact your opponents in #etf2l on IRC, so ensure at least one of your team is in there at all times. If you have any problems with contacting your opponents, please talk to an Admin. There will be servers with sourceTV’s (hosted by Multiplay) available for you to play on, request them by talking to an admin.

  • All teams must have 1 player ready on #etf2l (quakenet) to find their opponent and schedule the match.
  • When your match starts more than 10 minutes late, please reduce the map time to 15-25 minutes, depending on how long you have left before the next round starts. Bear in mind that if the map finishes in a draw, there will be a golden cap period to follow.
  • If your match finishes in a draw, you must play a golden cap round to decide the winner. Please reset the config and play a 5 minute golden cap round. The first team to cap in this round, wins. If neither team caps within 5 minutes, the team that holds cp3 at the end of the 5 minute period wins.
  • The regular ETF2L Season 8 rules apply. Use of polycount weapons is not allowed.
  • Teams can use 1 merc by default, multiple mercs are allowed if the opponent agrees.


  1. towlie said:

    rage much!?

  2. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    LOVED the map! some adjustments on cp1 and some tuning, and we have a replacement for gullywash

    also, freight out, coldfront in

    thank you very much! :)

  3. ouch said:

    nice tournament as usual :) (map is bugfest and overall not that good though / gullywash is better)

  4. Arnold: DAKKA said:

    Bugs are quite normal, i don’t think they really obstructed the actual matches. Will obviously fix every bug i’ve seen.

    There will be some tweaks to last cp and sniper sightlines. check out the thread for more info.

    Thanks again to everybody for playing, and don’t be afraid to critique just try to be constructive.

  5. Jude!: notdoggo said:


  6. Neo: fragnatik said:

    very interesting cup and map,enjoyed both of them my team would play every monday if there would be monday night madness,admins think about it,to make monday night madness every monday ;)

  7. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Unfortunately we couldn’t make it (some folks missing & lack of motivation due to bracket placement failures in the last two ‘fun’ cups), but we’re definitely going to try out this map in a pcw soon!

  8. electrizzity said:

    Map is good for Medic hopping. i like dat !

    i dislike the crazy Lobby style between cp_1 / cp_2.. it’s like OMG where i’ve to go out.

    good Cup good Games.

  9. Neo: fragnatik said:

    where is conclusion? like after previous mnm on cp_collis?