Entries from December 2010

The Experimental Ordnance Cup #3 – Beta Granary and 5Gorge

Date December 7, 2010

Be sure to give your feedback here It is time for the first Experimental Ordnance Cup for the TF2Beta! Using the familiar setup that was previously used to try the many new unlocks and setups in competitive play, we hope to be able to get proper playtime and feedback for the TF2beta project. Since match […]

Monday Night Madness #7: Bazillion – Going live now!

Date December 6, 2010

The brackets for the Monday Night Madness cup have been generated and we are ready to have a good look at the new custom 5cp map Bazillion! High Bracket: Click here Low Bracket: Click here Round 1: 20:00 CET Quarter Final: 20:45 CET Semi Final: 21:30 CET Final: 22:15 CET STV highlights: UB finals: Blight […]

Bazillion and the Beta

Date December 4, 2010

MNM#7 signups now open! [Link] Yesterday, the official TF2 beta project started. Naturally, we love this update which focuses on gameplay improvements and we think it would be great to have the ETF2L and its community supporting the project. To start off, we have opened a TF2 Beta Forum Section. This forum section will be heavily moderated […]