The Experimental Ordnance Cup #3 – Beta Granary and 5Gorge

Date December 7, 2010

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It is time for the first Experimental Ordnance Cup for the TF2Beta! Using the familiar setup that was previously used to try the many new unlocks and setups in competitive play, we hope to be able to get proper playtime and feedback for the TF2beta project. Since match servers are still a bit rare in TF2beta, we will focus on the two newly modified maps cp_granary and cp_5gorge (both can be downloaded for the regular TF2 version). The cup will follow the same format as the usual one-day cups. Teams will be seeded into groups of 16 according to their skill.  The games start today Wednesday the 8th at 20:00 CET and the finals of each bracket will be held at 22:15 CET. For those of you with beta servers, we encourage you to try to play the matches on your server if both teams agree. You are allowed to use the variant 1 and variant 2 Natascha versions in this case.

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Stv highlight – The final: European Quarantine vs European LagTastic Gaming -connect

Map downloads: cp_granary_betacp_5gorge_beta

Round 1: 20:00 CET (5gorge)
Quarter Final: 20:45 CET (granary_beta)
Semi Final: 21:30 CET (5gorge)
Final: 22:15 CET (granary_beta)

The Details:

Please contact your opponents in #etf2l on IRC, so ensure at least one of your team is in there at all times. If you have any problems contacting your opponents, please talk to an Admin. There will be servers with SourceTVs (hosted by Multiplay) available for you to play on. Request them by talking to an admin.

  • All teams must have at least 1 player ready on #etf2l (QuakeNet) to find their opponent and schedule the match.
  • If your match starts more than 10 minutes late, please reduce the map time to 15-25 minutes, depending on how long you have left before the next round starts. Bear in mind that if the map finishes in a draw, there will be a golden cap period to follow.
  • If your match finishes in a draw, you must play a golden cap round to decide the winner. Please reset the config and play a 5 minute golden cap round. The first team to cap in this round, wins. If neither team caps within 5 minutes, the team that holds CP3 at the end of the 5 minute period wins.
  • The regular ETF2L Season 8 rules apply. Use of polycount weapons is not allowed. Natascha versions 1 and 2 are allowed if games are played on a TF2beta server.
  • Teams may use 1 merc by default, multiple mercs are allowed if the opponent agrees.


  1. CommanderX: (ETF2L Donator) - TEZC said:

    Is it just me being a bit special here or has there not been a date of the cup posted?

  2. hz said:

    Only 13 teams? Hmm. Maybe the reason for low signups is the beta versions. Good thing we can play on normal server with new maps now.

  3. sKaz: KP said:

    i will try to make vier sign up ;)

  4. RaCio: GoT² said:

    CommanderX, the dates were announced in the previous posts. Added them for clarification :)

  5. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Still need a handfull of div4-6 teams, go sign up!

  6. Neo: fragnatik said:

    i think that making EO#3 on tf2 beta version isnt good idea,i know some teams which wont play on beta,it would be great to make EO#3 on standart TF2,but on new maps :)

  7. RaCio: GoT² said:

    It would be great if people actually read the newspost

    “Since match servers are still a bit rare in TF2beta, we will focus on the two newly modified maps cp_granary and cp_5gorge (both can be downloaded for the regular TF2 version)”

  8. Kritzonite: qn. said:

    I’ve read the news post, but just to be clear, to participate is it mandatory to have the beta installed on the client or is it sufficient to merely have the 2 maps?

  9. Enef: fest - #wubafan said:

    “Since match servers are still a bit rare in TF2beta, we will focus on the two newly modified maps cp_granary and cp_5gorge (both can be downloaded for the regular TF2 version)”

    Signed cc//Blu up, bit late by the looks of it :(

  10. Pirateer said:

    when will the teams be announced? it’s 30 mins overdue

  11. Enef: fest - #wubafan said:

    [18:00] Draw 1: Team 14 – Team Versus [Russia]
    [18:00] Draw 2: Team 12 – frantic [Poland]
    [18:00] * h3r1n6 ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:00] Fixture 1: Team Versus vs frantic
    [18:01] * P-Arkinson ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:01] Draw 3: Team 8 – Deux bords [Latvia]
    [18:01] * P-Arkinson ([email protected]) Quit ( Registered )
    [18:01] * P-Arkinson ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:01] Draw 4: Team 11 – algorythm [Russia]
    [18:01] Fixture 2: Deux bords vs algorythm
    [18:01] Draw 5: Team 16 – LagTastic Gaming [European]
    [18:01] Draw 6: Team 9 – Death Adder [Russia]
    [18:01] Fixture 3: LagTastic Gaming vs Death Adder
    [18:02] Draw 7: Team 10 – Dead Zone [European]
    [18:02] * Byte-me|Laptop ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:02] * Q sets mode +o Byte-me|Laptop for #etf2l
    [18:02] Draw 8: Team 13 – GodplaY eSports [European]
    [18:02] Fixture 4: Dead Zone vs GodplaY eSports
    [18:02] Draw 9: Team 2 – Upgrade [England]
    [18:02] Draw 10: Team 3 – Touched ! [European]
    [18:02] Fixture 5: Upgrade vs Touched !
    [18:03] Draw 11: Team 4 – Insane Dutch Killers [European]
    [18:03] Draw 12: Team 6 – Core Gaming by [European]
    [18:03] Fixture 6: Insane Dutch Killers vs Core Gaming by
    [18:03] Draw 13: Team 5 – No Pants No Lag [European]
    [18:03] Draw 14: Team 7 – Trick17 Black [Germany]
    [18:03] * Tyelander ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:03] Fixture 7: No Pants No Lag vs Trick17 Black
    [18:04] Draw 15: Team 15 – Sense2 [European]
    [18:04] Draw 16: Team 1 – Vintage [Norway]
    [18:04] * affketnt0p ([email protected]) has joined #etf2l
    [18:04] Fixture 8: Sense2 vs Vintage

    for those not in IRC :)

  12. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Made a mistake in the cup settings so couldn’t seed them on the website at 18:30 :p

  13. chojje: keso said:

    Granary is epic, in map pool plis

  14. at0m1c* said:

    We saw that 50% of signed up teams were not able to play yesterday,also skill difference were very huge,thats why there should be high and low bracket…not all teams together,admins could divide teams into two brackets,8 teams in each ;)

  15. Hildreth: MUUQ - bad said:

    two teams that made the final were Div 5, though we had to beat a div 4 team to get there.

    Thanks for another cup, Gorge was surpisingly fun, Granary is still Granary – that is we suck at it :D

  16. fuo: iSlam - BUNCS said:

    GG, gorge was pretty fun. I was just so tired on granary I don’t think I hit a single pipebomb :D

  17. extine said:

    Is there an STV demo of the finals?

  18. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Sure, Ill see if I can get them up asap

  19. RaCio: GoT² said:

  20. nvc said:


    nVc goes sniper, dw.twich get to middle and everyone instantly jumps over right side, all of animus die and nvc falls back with illii, nvc and illii die

    It was such a strange tactic that worked very well! they were very unlucky not to take an extra round and take that map!

  21. nvc said: