Highlander Challenge Tiebreaker Matches

Date October 28, 2010

All weeks of the Group Stage have passed and we have seen an enormous amount of highlander matches being played. It is now almost time for the exciting Cup phase that will decide who is the best community team of them all. But first, it is time to resolve groups where multiple teams are tied for the lead with a glorious tiebreaker match.

You can find all the tiebreaker matches here: [link] Good Luck!

  • Tiebreaker maps: 1. pl_badwater, 2. cp_granary, Possible decider map: pl_upward
  • Tiebreaker schedule deadline: Sunday 31th October 23:59 CEST
  • Tiebreaker match deadline: Sunday 7th November 23:59 CET

Playoff Cup Details

The playoff cup will start immediately after the decider matches are finished. Remember that this means any result of decider matches will have to be uploaded before Monday. The Cup stage schedule and seedings are then estimated to be released at Monday 8th November 20:00 CET. The schedule deadline for the first round will be Sunday 14th November 23:59 CET.

Map schedule

  • Round of Two Hundred Fifty-Six: 1. Upward 2. Gravelpit 3. Viaduct
  • Round of One Hundred Twenty-Eight: 1. Badwater 2. Steel 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Sixty-Four: 1. Steel 2. Goldrush 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Thirty-Two: 1. Gravelpit 2. Upward 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Sixteen: 1. Steel 2. Goldrush 3. Viaduct
  • Quarter Final: 1. Gravelpit 2. Badwater 3. Viaduct
  • Semi Final: Both teams pick one map, possible Decider Map by Map Elimination Mode
  • Final: Both teams pick one map, possible Decider Map by Map Elimination Mode

While waiting for the cup stage to start off, we encourage you to start practicing the maps that will be featured in the Cup stage. Remember the ladder is still open for you to join.

Season 8 Schedule Reminder

We have already seen some intense league games played. However it is still important that you keep up with scheduling your matches. We are currently in week 2, this means that you should already have started scheduling your week 3 games and have a date entered in the calender this Sunday. You can find a list with the schedule and upcoming matches on the event page. Good luck, and remember the best way to support etf2l and it’s admin team is to schedule and play your matches on time!


  1. Long said:

    Let’s rock!

  2. Califax: dyn. said:

    Week after week knockout will result in a first week of Januari finale.