ETF2L is two today!

Date November 6, 2009

Today marks ETF2L’s second birthday, and we’d like you to join us in celebrating all that we have achieved together in this time.

Whether it’s a public server, a group of friends forming a clan, or a team of volunteers trying to build a place for people to play, online gaming and e-sports enterprises are notoriously fragile and short-lived.

So, it’s with a great degree of humility that we realise that none of this would have been possible without all of you reading today, and those who once played here but have moved on to different games, and that we say we’re very proud to see our organisation progress from strength to strength to become the biggest TF2 league in the world.

In two years, ETF2L has hosted 33 competitions, ranging from pyro paintball, to highlander, to showcasing the very best competitive TF2 has to offer in our leagues and cups. 51 teams signed up for our debut season, and we now accommodate 330 in our on-going sixth season.

Of course, the journey hasn’t been easy – we’re not afraid to admit that we’ve made as many mistakes as we’ve had successes – that’s part of the process of running an organisation like this. If there’s one lesson that we’ve learnt from this project, it’s that with a little bit of inspiration and a lot of hard work, we as a community can achieve whatever we put our minds to.

It’s our goal to build on the success we’ve enjoyed so far, and to continue to nurture and grow not only ETF2L itself, but even more importantly, the game we all love so much as well.

Here’s a word from Germany dAyKiLLeR who has been head admin from the first day:

The whole staff, but especially ST8 and me, are very proud of reaching ETF2L’s 2nd birthday. When we first started this project, it was our goal to realise a well organised and community based league with a division format, something which was totally missing from those early days of TF2. We never planned to become this big, but we’re very happy for all the great feedback we have received from the community. Thanks for your support and making us the biggest TF2 league worldwide!

We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks, months and hopefully years, and will keep improving the project with new, fresh ideas.

Also, here are some facts about ETF2L:

  • 33 competitions
  • 100+ different countries represented
  • 238 published newsposts
  • 2,517 registered teams
  • 5,829 submitted results
  • 6,183 active players
  • 14,458 registered users
  • 115,550 forum posts


  1. Atty: ORKZORKZORKZORK said:

    Happy Birthday, ETF2L!

  2. Abunai said:

    happy birthday, may there be many more

  3. Cycles: lolwow said:

    So, who gets birthday beats?

    Happy birthday ETF2L! :D

  4. Snyyppis: RLM said:

    Here’s wishing that your Birthday
    Is just as special as you.
    A day packed full of happiness,
    That will last the whole year through.


  5. berg said:

    stats on banned players plz

  6. fJack: k^m said:

    Big thanks to all the admins and players that made this league what it is.

  7. Ventrue said:

    Happy birthday ETF2L!!!

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  9. Thrawn: TIDS - TSGHUH said:

    gratz, nice work and most of all: thank you.

  10. Daggial: fap said:

    TF2 is NOT dead :)

  11. howdeh: Perilous - WUL said:

    happy bday :)

  12. Morty: RG said:

    Thank you.
    Happy Birthday!

  13. Kasuno: Deimos said:

    Happy Vday and thx for the effort thadmins put in the league. :D

  14. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Great league with a no nonsense approach to decision making.

  15. Spaceboy McGhee: [Ci] - Ci^H said:

    Woooo Happy Birthday ETF2L! :D Thanks for all the fun!

  16. TroubleGirl said:

    Happy Bday!!!

  17. Thoa: [FADER] said:


  18. SirRemix: frø - DANMARK said:


  19. bun said:

    Happy birthday! Lets going farer!

  20. ghost17 said:

    Darn, I missed the birth date at about two months ;-)

    Happy birthday anyway!

    Greetings to my 1st team in ETF2L :)

  21. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    Happy B-Day!

  22. Relentless said:

  23. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:


  24. ChOun: iCon said:

    Also, here are some facts about ETF2L:

    – 63 bans


  25. slusken2 said:

    Happy Birthday ETF2L!

  26. ozonE: Bring! said:

    Happy Birthday :D


    ChOun & Berg stfu.

  27. nemppu: mmm. said:


  28. Bammmm said:

    happy bday best site in the world! (=) <3

  29. BeachTerror: [DA] - [DA] said:

    happy birthday etf2l. :)

  30. julieN1: cQr said:

    congrats now correct a mistake and ban the


  31. Harps: JFN said:

    happy b day i know im to late :(

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