Season 2 Sign-Ups open now! All important facts below!

Date March 19, 2008

Season 1 – Player Awards

First of all, give credit where credit is due: Big Congratulations to our Season 1 Award Winner!

  • Most Surprising Team: jAgarna
  • Player of the Season: hymzi

They will be added to our Hall of Fame soon!

Season 2 – Sign-Ups open!

Yep, time is on! Our Season 2 Sign-Ups just opened!

We invite every European based team to join! Take your chance and play in European’s Biggest TF2 League!

Notice: Every Season 1 Team will also have to sign up! You are not signed automatically!

All important details:

  • Gamemode: 6on6, Mediclimit 1, Classlimit 2
  • 1 League Game (including 2 maps) per Week, free Schedule
  • Teams pick maps against every opponent before Season starts.
  • Teams will get seeded in Divisions by skill – you will only play against teams on your skill level!
  • Slots: 64 at start – can be upped to 72, 80, 88…
  • League Sign-Ups will close on 30.03., 23:59 CET.
  • We recommend all team leaders to idle in our IRC channel #etf2l and visit our League Page regularly to keep informed.

How do I sign up my team for Season 2?

Register your team on our site:

  1. As team leader you will have to create an account on our site here.
  2. After you are logged in, you can easily register your team at the Dashboard. Here is an example for a fill-in-form.
  3. Once your team is registered at our site, it will be shown on our Teams-List.
  4. You can now add your team members on the Player-Additions-Site. Here is an example for a fill-in-form.

Sign your team up for Season 2:

  1. Your team needs to have 6 members with correct Steam ID entered
  2. Your team needs to have a contact (IRC and/or E-Mail, ICQ) entered
  3. Read our Rules.
  4. You can now join Season 2 here!
  5. After an admin has verified your application (normally done in-between 12 hours), your team will be shown on the League-Participants-Site.

For problems/questions/etc. feel free to contact us! See FAQ for contact info.

The following applications can’t be confirmed at the moment:

  • Titans – at least 6 members with SteamID missing
  • Blind Ranchers – at least 6 members with SteamID + contact missing
  • Immortals – wrong SteamIDs + contact missing
  • Deus – at least 6 members with SteamID missing
  • wotr² – at least 4 more members with SteamID missing

2nd Cup – Round 2 Schedule

Some Round 2 Games haven’t been scheduled yet:

  • 4 Kings vs. Friede seiner Asche
  • Prima Nocta vs. Holy Warriors of A… – Default Date: 25.03., 21:00 CET
  • Team Empire vs. Excello – Default Date: 26.03., 21:00 CET
  • syre vs. Team Panache
  • clanda vs. Va Chier Merc!
  • it’s a farm! vs. IsF – Default Date: 27.03., 21:00 CET

We extended the period a bit so teams have no problems to play the matches due to Easter.

–> All Round 2 Games have to be scheduled and entered in our Calendar till 20.03., 23:59 CET.

–> All Round 2 Games have to be played till 27.03., 23:59 CET


So here we go with our Map-Votes; beside two votes about the more or less loved maps cp_dustbowl and ctf_2fort, we also have a possible addition of two new maps: cp_redstone_b1 (Downloadlink) and cp_labor (Downloadlink). Feel free to have a look and take your right to vote.

Should we add cp_labor to the official mappool?

Total Voters: 77

Loading ... Loading ...

Should we add cp_redstone_b1 to the official mappool?

Total Voters: 71

Loading ... Loading ...

Should we change cp_dustbowl?

Total Voters: 77

Loading ... Loading ...

Should we remove ctf_2fort from the official mappool?

Total Voters: 76

Loading ... Loading ...


  1. Anmäl er till ETF2L, säsong 2 | Onlinegamer - Team Fortress 2 på svenska said:

    […] > Anmäl er till säsong två av ETF2L Läs även andra bloggares åsikter om team fortress 2, tf2, spel, liga, etf2l […]

  2. tarmo-: <3 Fruit said:

    The cp_redstone_b1 shouldnt be even considered to clanplay yet. It has some minor bugs (FIXED IN B2). So just wait for it.
    I would vote for yes, add it to maplist, but wait for beta2 to arrive

  3. Epothon said:

    i agree.. the redstone map is really nice to play on, just let the final version get reviewed

  4. Source of Annihilation said:

    FakkelBrigade just added its sixth player and should be good to go!