1st Season Sign-Ups & ETF2L Starting Cup

Date November 27, 2007

Big welcome to every visitor,

Finally the Sign-Ups for the first ETF2L Season starting today! After finishing the most work on our site, we can open the Sign-Ups and announce the big start of the first ETF2L season. In the upcoming weeks our focus will be the league’s motto “from gamers, for gamers”. Most of the rules will be decided by the community voting on this league site. There will be important votes about crits (look below!), classlimits and mappool. Our aim is reaching player-friendly league rules for having as much fun as possible playing in the ETF2L. Notice: The current rules on the site are not final.

The league’s game mode will be 6on6. During the regular season every team got 1 match on 2 maps per week. Every team will pick their maps versus each opponent before regular season will start (of course your map choices won’t be shown before map decisions deadline).

In the first season there will be random groups of about 6-8 clans. First two clans will go to playoffs and play each other about the first ETF2L Champion. From the second season on there will be regular divisions, seeded by the results of the first season.

We will also have special competitions beside the normal league season from now and then. For the big start of the ETF2L we are going to have the ETF2L Starting Cup with the first 16 teams signed for season 1 participating. These will have the nonrecurring possibility being the first team in the Hall of Fame. The cup will be played from Mid December till Mid January, detailed dates will be announced later.

The Deadline of the first season Sign-Ups will be the 15.12.2007. All relevant stuff like final league rules, server.cfg, groups and fixtures will be updated the days after. Mappool choices will start on 20th December and end on January, the 2nd. First game-week will start on 07.01.2008.

For any problems/suggestions/questions you can contact us by E-Mail or just ask an operator in #etf2l @ QuakeNet. We will try to answer as fast as possible.

We are also in need of more admins and helpers who are interested in supporting and working on a project like ETF2L. You should be at least 16 years old and have a reasonable time for helping. Just contact ST8 or dAy by IRC or E-Mail.

Edit: To join the league, you need to register at the site. When you logged in, click on “Dashboard”. You will find “Register Clan” there. GUID = TF2 SteamID, enter team’s member list like e.g. “0:1:3343541 TestDummy” (without the “)

And, last but not least, the first and probably most important vote, which will expire on Sunday the 2nd December, 23:59 CET:

Do you want to play with 'Criticals'?

Total Voters: 165

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  1. slider said:

    I don’t think the vote representative. Maybe a “private” vote for the Team-Captains is a better idea.

  2. Trolle said:

    Crits is too random and deciding to be any part of this games competitive aspects :/