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DM-centric demo, put lots of work into my decision making and game sense but not much highlander experience… I have no idea what to expect from putting up a High rec post for highlander but I was told by some solid Highlander mains I should do good in high easily. Trials are appreciated. Always looking to improve hmu
[edit] Okay I was strongly told that I'd very likely perform great in div 1 and was encouraged to put prem/high so I'll just go for it

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Joined Tourette Briscola Tassoni Club [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined RUSH [6on6] Lucky
Left Backdoor Beauties 5 [6on6] Lava
Joined Backdoor Beauties 5 [6on6] dududul POPOPOL
Left digimon boys [Fun Team] calle cool
Joined digimon boys [Fun Team] calle cool
Left triple deluxe fedora [Fun Team] Lava
Left Louis van Gaal's Army [6on6] Lava
Joined Louis van Gaal's Army [6on6] TimTum
Left THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Lava
Joined THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Bluee
Left Shit On It [6on6] Lava
Joined Not Bothered [LAN Team] Vclox_
Joined Shit On It [6on6] AustinN
Left screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] Lava
Left 6>9 [Highlander] Lava
Joined screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Left screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Joined screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Left certified fisters [6on6] pwanda
Joined certified fisters [6on6] pwanda
Joined triple deluxe fedora [Fun Team] Arunir
Left protec [Fun Team] Lava
Left Dʀongos [6on6] Lava
Joined protec [Fun Team] Lava
Joined Dʀongos [6on6] kodeeey
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] Lava
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Lava
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] nasko7
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] Lava
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left Fresher Meat [6on6] Lava
Left Literally Fresh Meat [Fun Team] Lava
Joined 6>9 [Highlander] BreD
Joined Fresher Meat [6on6] Sivik
Joined Literally Fresh Meat [Fun Team] BreD
Left Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Left Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders [Highlander] Lava
Joined Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders [Highlander] Fr3d'

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  1. bluR-: OLDJE - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    strong guy

  2. Havok: NUKE - Carlsberg said:


  3. DuMmTm: woofwoof - COGU said:

    will pipe invisible spies

  4. Lava: RUSH - TBC said:


  5. Spectat0r: TANK - -=LMDP=- said:

    beast in 6s, ez win if you get him in HL

  6. AustinN: o5. - dab said:

    Better than half of the demos in div1 last season and he hasn’t played hl lmao

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