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UnitedKingdom Lava

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First season of Mid was sketch, destroyed second season. Would like to do the same thing with a High div if you catch my drift, super keen and vocal player. Can probably play everyday, hmu.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left digimon boys [Fun Team] calle cool
Joined digimon boys [Fun Team] calle cool
Left triple deluxe fedora [Fun Team] Lava
Left Louis van Gaal's Army [6on6] Lava
Joined Louis van Gaal's Army [6on6] TimTum
Left THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Lava
Joined THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Bluee
Left Shit On It [6on6] Lava
Joined Not Bothered [LAN Team] Vclox_
Joined Shit On It [6on6] AustinN
Left screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] Lava
Left 6>9 [Highlander] Lava
Joined screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Left screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Joined screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] pwanda
Left certified fisters [6on6] pwanda
Joined certified fisters [6on6] pwanda
Joined triple deluxe fedora [Fun Team] Arunir
Left protec [Fun Team] Lava
Left Dʀongos [6on6] Lava
Joined protec [Fun Team] Lava
Joined Dʀongos [6on6] kodeeey
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] Lava
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left Sora Elektro [6on6] Lava
Joined Sora Elektro [6on6] nasko7
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] Lava
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left Fresher Meat [6on6] Lava
Left Literally Fresh Meat [Fun Team] Lava
Joined 6>9 [Highlander] BreD
Joined Fresher Meat [6on6] Sivik
Joined Literally Fresh Meat [Fun Team] BreD
Left Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Left Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders [Highlander] Lava
Joined Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders [Highlander] Fr3d'

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  1. Ivano: yell @ dog said:

    bob ross < bob marley

  2. 0mger: NSU - Amicitia said:


  3. RNTenant: protec said:

    His last recruitment post had over 1000 views and this legendary gamer still isn’t rostered?

    wadu hek?

  4. Salva: insane! said:

    Super keen !
    Deserve a good team to improve !
    Give this man a chance …

  5. Sivik: MIGHT said:

    Very Good, very strong demo that survives a lot. Great.

  6. t4ntrum: TBD - KAAS said:

    give this man a team

  7. Kars: CLARTED - KAAS said:

    very keen demolition man, can maincall & has nice dm.
    When I played with him he was sometimes a bit hard to work with, but those times may have past.
    Good luck finding a team.

  8. Lava said:


  9. nagle said:

    “Has potential!!!”- kaidus. If the rumours are true and kaidus did indeed say this, I can only agree. I fear for div 1 players in the European union.

    +rep good trader

  10. nagle said:

    I agree with the above comment

  11. Hampe: jeff - Wow, swag said: STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!! :D

  12. zherii: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said: my face when I see lava rec post :D

  13. nagle said:

  14. Hannes: ..d1ck - Muscles said:

    MFW i see Lava playing demoman

  15. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    Sicko. Mode. Ft. Lava. +. Kaidus said I had potential

  16. fontar: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    ey b0ss I heard that kaidus say “pro” gamer has potencial

  17. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    I am pro I kill noob become gamer pro forever I am best

  18. fontar: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    we are pro gamers of world

  19. mak: THEORIST - -Xe- said:

    Why are ..d1ck people shit talking Lava when he is infinitely better than cj

  20. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    realise ur place in this earth trash can why are you speaking to me noob

  21. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    I am mak I smell I go boom boom ha ha

  22. nagle said:


  23. Hannes: ..d1ck - Muscles said:

    when ugly neckbeard types smh……

  24. mak: THEORIST - -Xe- said:

    When drooling noobs get on their keyboards.

  25. nagle said:

  26. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    ur mum drooled on my pee pee haha

  27. Doughy: THEORIST said:

    You know you made the big leagues when ..dick attempts to shittalk

  28. Sprasty: TBC said:

    Really good demo, can confirm

  29. Lava said:


  30. Lava said:

    and le crunge

  31. Cyanic: POUND - HZ said:

    ignore sick laughter retards this player is good

  32. cj: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:


  33. domiq: MIGHT - COGU said:

    Next kaidus

  34. Hannes: ..d1ck - Muscles said:


  35. Hannes: ..d1ck - Muscles said:

    youre clapped in the head bruv

  36. nagle said:

    my dog preg LOOL

  37. frenchie: McV - no-n-word said:

    super fun gamer to play with and has nutty pipe aim somebody please pick him up

  38. Aku: ✞360✞ said:

    Spawncamped him in casual once.

  39. Zoey: 4SKINGS said:

    he’s lavawanduain.
    phat rng looking black guy. please pick up.