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Greece Nikolomara

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old post died

can play every day unless hl/pan
dont mind subbing

old post:

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  1. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:


  2. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:


  3. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:


  4. messy: BLACKED - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:


  5. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:


  6. BlueBunny said:

    not suitable for mid yet, will do good in a keen low team though

  7. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    Bluebunny he is literally better than you. How about you try to get out of open before telling people better than you that they cant play a div you’ll never reach.

  8. BlueBunny said:

    who are you even

  9. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    an open no namer just like you. Doesn’t even matter who i am but the fact that you’re so delusional is mind blowing.

  10. BlueBunny said:

    you got mad over his own comment btw
    I just copy pasted
    so congratz

  11. ketchup said:

    not suitable for open yet, will do good in a keen mid team though

  12. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    i mean you are definitely not mid suitable you can only do bottom open at best so i wasn’t surprised he wrote that.

  13. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    yooo bluebunny drama on my rec post POGGERS

    memes aside, you barely even have any experience playing open/low so i would recommend trying to go for a strong keen low team first

    i never intended to trashtalk you or harm or whatever i just wanted to leave a comment that you could use to improve yourself

    you are way to paranoid about people trashtalking you which is a big pointer to having a big ego

  14. BlueBunny said:

    all these people trying to drama so hard over a a tiny non-toxic comment
    none of you ever played with me so good judgement there on a stranger

  15. BlueBunny said:

    and nik if you are not trying to trashtalk you why starting then
    it was absolute harmless banter you dont even have to go full in and getting it messy

  16. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    I’d rather not play with you please

  17. DUCKSLAYER said:

    ot suitable for prem yet, will do good in a keen div1 team though

  18. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    bluebunny i never attempted to trashtalk you i never started anything, all i did was say that you are not ready for mid yet since you are still very inexperienced

    stop playing the victim card and do something about your ego

  19. Hoxtilicious: [str] - ☆ PH ☆ said:

    recruit him for some team i guess

  20. BlueBunny said:

    Nik its not the victim card if we are people of the same official skill level (both played not higher than low) recive the same comment but only one person gets trashtalk for it, even by the person who started it
    its rather called irony or maybe hypocrisy
    and the amount of seasons is not a skill-indicator, as you can play in other leagues, mixes, pugs etc. on even higher skill level as well

    you as a stranger to me and as Im a stranger to you, commented on my rec post out of the blue, so I was wondering where you should be supposed to get the infos from to judge a stranger;
    but I saw that you are looking for the same class spot in the same division, so I just thought its friendly banter to competition, and thought to respond with friendly banter, your own chosen one, back.

    you both chose to get offended at you own words on the same situation, thats completely your problem and has nothing to do with my skill level or my knowledge about this person,
    so get yourself together and just work at your attitude

  21. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    tbf i’ve only played low at best as well but i’m better than you’ll ever get (not that im good lol) my point is. Just because he plays the same div as you doesn’t mean he sucks as much as you do.

  22. Stylax: SHAG said:

    Absolute scenes in the comments.

  23. BlueBunny said:

    blanc and where do you get the judgement from, if we never played together, aside from your imagination
    as far as that goes for being facts I could just say you are bottom open and would never be better than *insert random player name here*
    but thank you for proving and agreeing to 2 of my points through those statements

  24. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    i did some research to reach that conclusion which was my comment on your post, you seem to not even have checked my etf2l profile. i have played in mid and played scrims with various mid teams and am also currently trialing for some. you on the other hand only have experience with mid players in doublemixes. and even if i didnt have mid experience, we still arent in the same level because you have only one match won in your entire open/low career when i have reached playoffs. the only reason i assumed you were playing the victim card is because ive seen and heard multiple cases of you being trashtalked (or sometimes assuming that youre being trashtalked) and going to the admins crying about it. if youre going to try to bring “banter” or try to make a scene please at least have some facts ready

    : )

  25. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    having played against you and heard facts from other people of how bad and dumb you are is enough information to know that you’re awful. I may be wrong though so please try to correct me if i’m wrong.

  26. BlueBunny said:

    correcting you as it is wrong to assume others peoples opinions as facts

    @nik why did you choose to do in depth research on a complete stranger to make a comment on their profile, thats kinda odd and obsessive;
    plus the game is a teamplay, Im not responsible for my teams winning for 100% but to 16,6%, so saying that someone is bad because their teams werent doing as good as they wanted to, is not objective (plus I have a playoff medal, shiny and so important huh?)
    as you show not to know, I have trialed for mid teams as well, and have played mixes and fun games with even div2 too, and if you count your mid games outside the league as important experience for skill, I can do that fair-wise too

    the cases of “trashtalked” lead to people even getting perma banned from the forums, so that might not me being sensitive but them simply breaking the rules

    I suggest you to get non-biased sources for your next “researches”

    @blanc if you mean that one chaos fun mix we did in the middle of night from the dmix group, good on you to count that as valuable information about one persons skill,
    one single fun game, – can I value you on that too then? because you only seemed to meme and did nothing important
    plus info from above, get non-biased information, I know from what circle you come from

  27. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    1st of all i’m not referring to that fun mix that people don’t even take seriously i’m not that dumb to base people’s skills of dmixes, i’ve heard those “opinions” i call them facts cause they’re true from multiple people. 2nd of all your logic of the “it’s teamplay” is dumb. I mean yeah it is a team game but any open medic can say they’re prem but since their team is shit thats why they’re losing. Also that “shiny medal” of yours you got was from a highlander team LOL that you only played 2 officials on so stop trying to flex with it. It’s worthless.

  28. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    now i don’t want this rec post to get 999 comments so i’ll end it here. You’re a retard

  29. BlueBunny said:

    thanks for insulting me, adds flavour
    also thanks for further proving my point by ignoring basic logic rules of facts vs. opinions

  30. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    bluebunny with that last comment you remind me of my old self from about a year ago. when i had enormous ego. mixes dont count towards any skill as its not really a serious match but more like just having fun with friends. i just did a quick bit of research and no, you have not trialed for any mid teams (at least according to your logs and matches played). if youre going to try and counter what i say dont lie please….

  31. Fat Albert: POUNDGREY - HONK! said:

    Nik is autistic, and medic isn’t a real class (I should know)
    Think about how long he has put up with Nati0nal, just let that resonate for a second.
    This rec post (and the drama with it), isn’t actually some ego fuel; it’s a cry for help.
    If no one pics him up, Nik will be doomed to have to join and lose his few remaining brain cells.
    Someone please help this child before it’s too late.

  32. BlueBunny said:

    still trying to judge a strangers character and skill uhu
    well I did trial mid teams, I didnt specify for what season
    and if you checked further than 1-2 weeks you would have even found the latest div2 game
    thats not (obessesive) research (on a stranger), thats just a bit lazy and trying to find something to undermine their first point

    I suggest researching about researching methods, to stay un-biased, thanks

  33. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    @bluebunny how about talking about your current skill level and not from like 3 seasons ago

    that div2 game was with high/prem german mix where you got rolled despite having the better players

    im not trying to be obsessive, just trying to prove my point where i use facts to counter you while you just make stuff up

  34. ducky said:

    why do people like this exist, just let him play mid and get raped then realise he was wrong instead of starting unneeded arguments

  35. BlueBunny said:

    hey an actual comment about letting things be, I appreciate that :)

  36. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    alright i wanna stop this since i am a busy man myself so keep this in mind bluebunny;

    stop being paranoid over every little thing posted on your rec posts or that people tell you

    dont try to trashtalk someone better than you without any concrete proof that they are worse than they think

    do some research before you try to argue with someone; i just took 2 mins to go to your profile and check some logs. its not being obsessive/stalking

    if you did some research you wouldve found this log ( which is the only map i have won in a mid official (we couldve won the other one but national admitted himself that we were throwing to get all our games tied)

    also stop contradicting yourself, you say that im just stating my opinion and my opinions arent facts (which is true, opinions arent always facts) but i wasnt just “stating my opinion”. i was backing it up with research before i commented while you were just spouting what you thought i was (quote: “correcting you as it is wrong to assume others peoples opinions as facts”)

    and while on the topic of quotes: “is not objective (plus I have a playoff medal, shiny and so important huh?)”
    if you had just quickly checked my etf2l profile (how long does that take, like 20 seconds?) you wouldve seen that my medal was from actually playing and not rosteriding, in comparison to yours. (fun fact: my team also rolled the team you were rosteriding in scrims)

    that said, if you wish to continue arguing pointlessly then add me and talk in private. no need to mess up this rec post more

  37. Assassin+: HONK! said:

    not suitable for arrows, will do good with a keen medi gun beam

  38. BlueBunny said:

    nik, no need to wind it up that big
    also if you want me to write you personally if you dont want other people to get hyped over a neutral third person, then you can always add me on steam, there is nothing stopping you, not now or before

  39. messy: BLACKED - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    tfw admins warn you for harassing rec posts then this fuckfest happens

  40. MoreBuckets!: Hallo? said:

    Bunny, listen to me dear, the fact you’re behaving so immaturely, and the fact you won NOTHING , and acting victim and said ” I HAVE EXPIRIENCE BECUASE I PLAYED LOBBIES AND MIXES WITH MID AND DIV 2″ people makes absoloute no freaking sense!! so what, i’m not even a 6’s main and i played 6’s lobbies oh and hl lobbies/mixes with high/prem people(plus the fact that mixes are not meant to be taken seriously) i never even said i’m high and listen i was an ego head just like you back then, and i always got called out, the fact this stupid rec post’s comment section turned into big brother season 69 or which reality show it could be is becasue lots of people just don’t agree with you, the fact what i did when people called me out is either 1, ignore them, 2, listen to them and try to prove them wrong(NOT BY ANSWERING THEM) look at me people said i’m not mid and called me out many times, and look at me now playing in low and winning and proving them wrong, it’s that easy jesus fucking christ, and if you are gonna respond to me with your big ego……you’re fucking delousional, and crying to the admins won’t help i’m commenting this because i’m really trying to help you, just don’t sink in your own delousion please.
    Not gonna comment anything other then this, good bye, do me a favor and stop embarrasing yourself….

  41. hondjo: ₚrᵃiₛe - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    the line of bullshit divides real criticism from memes
    no memes allowed beyond this point


    hes ok give him a team

  42. El chippo: GINYU - SDCS! said:

    Bluebunny trying to say one player cant carry a team in open 6’s is cute, look at ginyu force’s low 6’s season and see that you literally cannot lose when madman can deadlift 5 gamers

  43. Mason: (ETF2L Donator) - JOEYO said:

    good enough for mid

  44. samii said:

    bad taste in anime

  45. Ant: GINYU - M2U said:

    quality player

  46. lecunea said:

    Good to go for mid – give him a suit, a tie and a suitcase and he’ll do the work for you.

  47. coyo: geezer - noncey said:

    actually good now! it’s taken him a few weeks but he’s finally ready for mid !!!

  48. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    more like a bit over a year but yea lOL

  49. nutshiny: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    “i play mid/high dmixes and ive played against prem mixes, and i said in a few weeks ill be ready for mid”

  50. troy: geezer - noncey said:


  51. Kaine: RIX said:

    nik is bae

  52. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - MIGHT - bad said:

    what the fuck is happening why isnt there more of this stuff in tf2 nowadays???

  53. Skip said:


  54. ducky said:

    sweet gamer give him options

  55. gatsan: CP said:

    also why is there drama and why every time i see drama in rec posts its blanc
    blanc please keep the rec comments clean.

  56. Nikolomara: BOG - HONK! said:

    bump im home btw