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Greece Nikolomara

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dunno whats happening with omega next season so here i am

was able to get some experience as med in mid, would be up for playing some more since its fun
might try soldier again dunno can trial for bottom mid/low playoffs
handicapped until after 19 august
can play every day after 30 july unless hl/pan/weeb game tournament
dont mind subbing

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Left Greece [National Highlander Team] Nikolomara
Left Greece [National 6v6 Team] Nikolomara
Joined killer bean army [Highlander] Nati0nal
Left No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined OMEGA [6on6] Nati0nal
Left God's Plan [6on6] Tamir
Joined God's Plan [6on6] Tamir
Left lamB gyros [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Greece [National Highlander Team] Harrow
Joined Greece [National 6v6 Team] Harrow
Joined No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Woona
Left i'm a mid spy [Highlander] Nikolomara
Left Lecunea and nik are bots [Fun Team] Nikolomara
Joined Lecunea and nik are bots [Fun Team] tmg_
Left shrine maiden club [Fun Team] Nikolomara
Joined double gyros [2on2] Nikolomara
Joined lamB gyros [6on6] Menty
Left lamB gyros [6on6] Nikolomara
Left CrossContinental [2on2] Nikolomara
Left Greece [National Highlander Team] Nikolomara
Left Greece [National 6v6 Team] Nikolomara
Joined tba [LAN Team] Nikolomara
Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Left PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined PTSD PATIENTS [Highlander] samii
Left Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Left Team Spire [LAN Team] Nikolomara
Joined Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Left Not Yet Specified [Highlander] tatty
Joined lamB gyros [6on6] Nikolomara
Left Epipslon eSprots [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Not Yet Specified [Highlander] Edgyneer
Left Interrobang [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined Interrobang [Highlander] tmg_
Left UgCatz [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined Epipslon eSprots [6on6] tmg_
Left NEW. FRAGS. [6on6] lucifer
Joined NEW. FRAGS. [6on6] lucifer
Left Legende [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Legende [6on6] Jan
Left big owners [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined UgCatz [Highlander] NexusCat
Left Weedmaps eSports HL [Highlander] kodeeey
Joined Team Spire [LAN Team] Nikolomara
Joined Greece [National Highlander Team] sλayeR
Joined Greece [National 6v6 Team] sλayeR
Joined big owners [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Weedmaps eSports HL [Highlander] Chez
Left Pregame Tryhards [Highlander] Nikolomara
Left incoming noose [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined incoming noose [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined meguminlover2001 [1on1] Nikolomara
Joined shrine maiden club [Fun Team] Menty
Left ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Nikolomara
Joined ku$h lassies [Fun Team] Kosuke
Left REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Pregame Tryhards [Highlander] Pistol.Peter98[FR]
Left clueless [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined clueless [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined REEEEEEEEE [6on6] BecauseNickname
Left Inconsistency [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined Inconsistency [6on6] Karoom
Left REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined CrossContinental [2on2] Nikolomara
Left Vaccine [Highlander] Nikolomara
Joined REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Left wololo [Fun Team] Nikolomara
Left The Dank Meme Teem [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined wololo [Fun Team] Nikolomara
Joined Vaccine [Highlander] befa
Joined The Dank Meme Teem [6on6] Nikolomara

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  1. Sen: myx said:


  2. Nati0nal: OwC - MUS said:

    omegas gonna go west because theres a airdrop coming in
    im low on hp so i need the chug jug if u get one

  3. ducky: CMPD - EDO said:

    very sweet gamer. our minecraft house had pink and red carpets. Also Was The Medic Fot I’m A Mid Spy.

  4. five: CMPD - PR said:

    super lovely, have only ever played against him but I think he plays med well!

  5. Harrow: BaTMaN - WantsPizza said:

    The best bot. Top iron player.

  6. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    Harrow idk if you’re being sarcastic or not but you have absolutely no rights to talk. Look at the div and what place your team is in, before you start shit talking people tens of times better than you.

  7. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    excuse me i said look at the div until i was surprised to see you play in mid. No wonder you’re bottom though.

  8. Nikolomara: OwC - MUS said:


  9. gatsan: HK said:

    impact roamer

  10. Ties: Alex - Alligator said:

    Epic gamer can teach you how to play osu

  11. Ties: Alex - Alligator said:

    Epic gamer can
    Can teach you how to osu

  12. lecunea: carers said:

    approved mid med

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