Scout  High Skill, 6on6

Sweden hamaham

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flank > pocket
main > sub
will also be at i63

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined #D2bound [6on6] hamaham
Left Midcels [6on6] hamaham
Joined Midcels [6on6] mak
Left #BIGBOYSEASON'D [6on6] mak
Joined All Breads are Beautiful [Fun Team] dBubble
Joined #BIGBOYSEASON'D [6on6] Thaigrr
Left [6on6] hamaham
Joined [6on6] Kaylus
Left ChaoS eSports [6on6] hamaham
Joined ChaoS eSports [6on6] hamaham
Left ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ gucci gang╤─── [6on6] hamaham
Joined ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ gucci gang╤─── [6on6] zeFrosty
Left Bread Senpai [6on6] hamaham
Joined Minions in Pyjamas powered by Liko [LAN Team] 30.06
Joined Bread Senpai [6on6] tea
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] hamaham
Left The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] hamaham
Left free points here [1on1] hamaham
Left MANNDEM CO. [6on6] hamaham
Joined MANNDEM CO. [6on6] ducky
Joined The Foreskin Devourers [Fun Team] Klin
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] ducky
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] hamaham
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] ducky
Left Mangoes To Mid [Fun Team] hamaham
Left Homos From Holland [6on6] hamaham
Joined Homos From Holland [6on6] Mike Rotch
Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] hamaham
Joined the shpee's are we [Highlander] NURWHAL
Left Team Dirt [Highlander] hamaham
Left branstorm xD [6on6] hamaham
Joined branstorm xD [6on6] NURWHAL
Joined Team Dirt [Highlander] Marv
Left Drop [6on6] hamaham
Left Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] hamaham
Joined Drop [6on6] piotrek63
Joined Mangoes To Mid [Fun Team] Mo
Left Playing With Matches [6on6] hamaham
Joined Playing With Matches [6on6] cock
Left hamalam [6on6] hamaham
Joined hamalam [6on6] Kraken
Left Turbo Hilda Turtles [6on6] hamaham
Joined Turbo Hilda Turtles [6on6] Lin
Left Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] hamaham
Joined free points here [1on1] hamaham
Left stimulated ham [2on2] hamaham
Joined stimulated ham [2on2] hamaham
Left team swede [2on2] hamaham
Joined team swede [2on2] hamaham
Joined Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] Lin
Joined Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] BreD
Left Juicy [6on6] hamaham
Joined Juicy [6on6] TomTheWalrus
Left Victis Honor [6on6] chernobog
Joined Victis Honor [6on6] chernobog
Left Santa Take The Wheel [6on6] hamaham
Joined Santa Take The Wheel [6on6] hamaham
Left Rottenwolves [Highlander] Rottenbrains
Left Muy Destrozado [6on6] Funs
Joined Muy Destrozado [6on6] Funs
Left KilerDeekS [6on6] hamaham
Joined KilerDeekS [6on6] skates_idiot
Left Terminally Chill [6on6] hamaham
Joined Rottenwolves [Highlander] Rottenbrains
Joined Terminally Chill [6on6] sel

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  1. seeds: 7. - -chess- said:

    give he team

  2. mak: bog said:

    noobed scout i hate

  3. YeeHaw: la bamba - UP said:


  4. catbowcar: -SS- said:


  5. Jordy: la bamba - SENS said:

    nice boy and keen, has potential if he’s patient enough to learn which he seems to be at the moment (judging from the fact he’s watching demos of higher level players) give him a team !!

  6. Doughy: la bamba said:

    5:32 PM
    dont add up

  7. Doughy: la bamba said:

    5:32 PM
    “king of clout and baron of boule”

  8. hamaham: bog said:

    added medic to my recpost

  9. mak: bog said:

    Mensch on either class (tho prefer his scout :weary:)

  10. hamaham: bog said:

    lemme get more clips love y’all

  11. hamaham: bog said:


  12. torrit: FAHQ - Jame'sBond said:

    clout chaser

  13. hamaham: bog said:


  14. mak: bog said:

    premium div2 scout

  15. hamaham: bog said:


  16. mezzo: $QUAD - op_sqd said:

    pretty good scout :o

  17. Luikuri: /// said:


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