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stomped in finals feelsbadman

dunno what is happening next season but unlikely team staying together as a whole at minimum, so exploring options

i yell at pixels on the screen a lot especially if they dont do what told

i played demo this season and i sucked but it was relatively fun

i can maybe play soldier, old main, but havent in ages so will be rusty

i can main call sort of but would prefer not to

i suk

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  1. Marshy: yell @ dog said:

    very modest. Needs to only play with decent mid players or above otherwise he is just out of place. Understands the game v well, great dm on demo. I’m sure even better with soldier once he gets back on the class. Thanks for putting up with my trash gameplay and gl dude.

  2. SmAsH: .Qc` said:

    Solid gamer, seemed to do pretty well on demo from what ive seen recently. Very good Solly before that!

  3. cegr: LN6 said:

    Very passionate and dedicated gamer with a great personality. He is willing to go out of his comfort zone for the sake of the team and has a ton of 6’s experience. Pick this guy up! :)

  4. tmg_ said:

    give this man a good team and you instantly get playoffs

  5. Skip said:


  6. Dummy: said:


  7. Dummy: said:


  8. Jamie: B9 said:

    Don’t pick him up if you’re from Brazil, he will slay you on sight.

    Carried our team tho so ye he gud.

  9. Dummy: said:

    brazilians ew