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England Nati0nal

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mostly looking to play mid for experience in mid I've now played about 6 full seasons of highlander (Including UGC Silver).

I'd like to look for a team with cool combo and flank to play with, hit me up and give me a try I wont disappoint you.

cu s15

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  1. samii: AE - said:

    C00L GIUY

  2. Pomegranate: oTo - said:

    a real digital athlete

  3. messy: lit - MJC said:

    c00l man
    is muslim tho so idk…

  4. aychi: os. said:

    full on gamer

  5. 4hp: ζ said:

    bit of a memelord but is quite nice when you get past that

    competent on the exploder class

  6. Kebabvendor: DSR said:

    great guy but has a shit waifu

  7. Vetle: DSR6 - NYS said:

    going mid after 6 seasons eks dee

  8. Nati0nal: oTo - honk. said:

    shut up vetle u suck big peepee

  9. Nati0nal: oTo - honk. said:

    @messy I’m actually Thai thank you very much so buddha mode is always on :)

  10. dodef: oTo - honk. said:

    Good dm but sometimes does some autistic screech

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