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Final offer. Would prefer mid but if you guys think there's more chance for me getting invited to open then sure I'll take it.

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  1. Klin: lit - HZ said:

    understandable have a nice day

  2. cutwrist: lit said:

    best medic in etf2l history!!!!!!!

  3. princess dvs: ≈wind≈ - (°)> said:

  4. counou: UnX - inv said:

    maybe play iron, open, silver, mid, high and plat before looking prem yes?

  5. OHSHITITSDATPROYK: C00L - (°)> said:


  6. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    @counou I am looking for high too :)

  7. AustinN: ζ said:

    Congratulations you have official made yourself one of the biggest memes competitive Team Fortress 2 has seen in its life

    Understandable, have a nice day

  8. AlesKee: frogs - dab said:

    delet this

  9. Klin: lit - HZ said:

    like in all seriousness how can you learn medic without playing in open lol

  10. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    I know you guys are sceptical, but one scrim is all I ask for. If I’m shit then sure, roast me all you want, but until I get a scrim, this post stays up.

  11. counou: UnX - inv said:


  12. counou: UnX - inv said:

    We’re not sceptical, we’re out right telling you that you are NOT high or prem because YOU’VE NEVER BEEN ON A TEAM

  13. counou: UnX - inv said:

    Lf Open

  14. cutwrist: lit said:

    is this the medic of Simpatia?

  15. Adje: dab said:

    I don’t know who you are but you can’t just skip playing a season in a lower div for experience even if you were a god, especially if you haven’t made a name for yourself yet. There’s no prestige in being in a higher div (especially in HL), just play a season of open or maaaybe mid first and you’ll have a much higher chance of people taking you serious and receiving offers

  16. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    I have already played steel.

  17. Polarium: -Xe- said:

    If you truly are a prem medic then im the ultimate god of the cosmos and reality

  18. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    plrm why did you ban yourself from tf2c?

  19. MoreBuckets!: MAMA!!! said:

    If everyone would think like that i was in prem now.

  20. Nightmare: SGrill - dab said:

    a heavy called edgeward tried jumping from mid to prem once, he got destroyed and never tried again, moral of the story: gain some experience before going to higher divs.

  21. Cronk: mi6 - Lucrosa said:

    i went from open to prem sniper dont listen to this nightmare kid…

  22. Georgebaii: woah said:

    a spy called nightmare tried jumping from mid to prem once, he didn’t get destroyed but nearly everyone in the community hated him, moral of the story: gain some experience before going to higher divs.


  23. Lilith (storm demon): WEED - █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    learning quick and improving well but i think high is too far

  24. counou: UnX - inv said:

    mixed with us yesterday, definately needs to play open first

  25. MoreBuckets!: MAMA!!! said:

    “Mixed with us” smh lul

  26. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    ^ what’s that supposed to mean

  27. holi: dtB said:

    Wait if I’m better then you does that mean I am prem? But seriously dude you play in steel and you’re shit at it, just switch to an alt and start over since your stupid idea made you the laughing stock of tf2 comp and nobody will pick you up now

  28. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    sounds a lot like what pimskii told me. he brainwashed you?

  29. Fear the Medic: GG said:

    and im not shit at it

  30. alba: KT said:

    is this a joke lmao

  31. Pineapple Wolf said:

    my first ever team i joined as sniper was prem, You can do it too! Pick him up for prem if you want a talented, smart and friendly medic to carry you

  32. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    this must be a joke, somebody can’t be this retarded

  33. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    ^huge + for my english btw :)

  34. counou: UnX - inv said:

    Theres a difference between a brand new player and a cheater piney :)

  35. stexer: lit - HZ said:

    Lmaooo :Dd

  36. MrBliss: FC - pootis XD said:

    Fear The Medic lft mid/open: sun told me ‘fear just be prem already’ so i made a prem rec post

  37. cutwrist: lit said:

    im picking you up ASAP MY NIGGA

  38. alba: KT said:

    Fear The Medic lft mid/open: sun told me ‘fear just be prem already’ so i made a prem rec post

  39. Fear the Medic: GG said:×203.jpg