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Macedonia reem

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edit 2: any role man come on

p.s. me:

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  1. Mitch: SMES said:

    Incredibly skilled player, great, friendly guy too. Pick this guy up for your team!!!

  2. Divider of Worlds: Rockstars - ReS said:

    he slays

  3. Biohazard: ;) said:

    Haven’t played nor talked to him a lot but he’s a damn good person to be around and not half bad in-game

  4. Biba: 》MiF《 said:


  5. BlueBunny: os. said:

    funny guy, can play solly, needs the whip or a screaming medic sometimes

  6. Uncle Doge: OwC - said:

    i beat him in a mge once

  7. sun: NYS said:

    good player :)

  8. 4u5t1n: 6>9 said:

    A great solly, great sniper, great scout, he can be your soldier carry and your all class sub

  9. NexusCat said:

    good solly

  10. Puke: JTFC - LSD said:

    Once he can play he’s great, just get him to play and not have random IRL problems :^)
    real top mid, pickup.

  11. MoreBuckets!: MAMA!!! said:

    Friendly and great teammate pick him up!

  12. Lopp: (: said:

    Dis man good go pick good.


    God o go DOO

  13. ducky said:

    hes the man, 100% pick up

  14. lybon said:

    sounds american.

    doesn’t like being called maki.

    offer him a trial.

  15. Kurakao said:

    Nice dude with nice aim. Chill and good to play with

  16. Alive said:

    fun to play with

  17. Madara: NtN said:


  18. eldocwho: Dʀongos said:

    solid dm, very vocal dude

  19. reem: up. said:

    im still loookin

  20. yaynos: jajaja said:

    i love him

  21. reem: up. said:

    edit alert tryna play scout now (and snipe a LOT)

  22. mak: [DOUG] - SENS said:

    mega friendly gamer

  23. reem: up. said:

    humpty bumpty

  24. reem: up. said:

    cmonBruh gimme a damn team already

  25. reem: up. said:

    updated a g a i n gimme trialsz

  26. Mitch: SMES said:

    Fucking sick player, a 100% pick for your team

  27. Mitch: SMES said:

    get this guy in your team 100%

  28. kimipelaaja123: remove - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    he told me to say something good of him so he can shoot fast whit rocket launcher

  29. Chamona: McV - [MB] said:

    likes talkin bout girls

  30. reem: up. said:

    passed a trial for pock and then team died (n i c e) still looking come on