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England Phrenic

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Willing to shake off the many years of rust w/ a serious team

I prefer winning over memeing

I can also click on heads

Add me! :)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Snakes [6on6] yaynos
Joined Snakes [6on6] rabid
Left We don't care [6on6] Phrenic
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left [6on6] Phrenic
Joined [6on6] Emancipator
Left TF2 Criminals [6on6] Phrenic
Joined TF2 Criminals [6on6] Mo
Left oneday [6on6] Phrenic
Joined oneday [6on6] wiggle
Left Aviate [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Aviate [6on6] 0verflow
Left Imperatively [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Imperatively [6on6] Collaide
Left Degenerate eSports Sponsored by Molesto [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Degenerate eSports Sponsored by Molesto [6on6] Will
Left Will see! [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Will see! [6on6] Susu
Left Fahrenheit451 e-Sports [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Fahrenheit451 e-Sports [6on6] tim.
Left Fahrenheit451 e-Sports [6on6] Phrenic
Joined x_^ [1on1] Phrenic
Joined Fahrenheit451 e-Sports [6on6] tim.
Left x_^ [6on6] Phrenic
Joined x_^ [6on6] Phrenic
Left TEZC | Nuggets [6on6] Phrenic
Joined TEZC | Nuggets [6on6] vUUZ
Left x_^ [6on6] Phrenic
Joined x_^ [6on6] Phrenic
Left Phrenic [1on1] emb
Left Addict e-Sports // Turquoise [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Addict e-Sports // Turquoise [6on6] Phrenic
Left nervousENERGY Insanity [6on6] Phrenic
Joined nervousENERGY Insanity [6on6] Phrenic
Left no name yet [6on6] Phrenic
Joined no name yet [6on6] Phrenic
Left Baguette au fromage [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Baguette au fromage [6on6] Phrenic
Left Team Doctrinal #2 [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Team Doctrinal #2 [6on6] Phrenic
Left Easy Going [Highlander] Phrenic
Left nervousENERGY BLU [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Easy Going [Highlander] Phrenic
Joined Phrenic [1on1] Phrenic
Joined nervousENERGY BLU [6on6] Phrenic
Left Fierce! [6on6] Phrenic
Joined Fierce! [6on6] Phrenic

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  1. wiggle: nsfw said:

    great pickup for any team

  2. rabid: wdc. - pizza said:

    needs a month to shake off his rust, then u have a quality gamer

    keen, massive brain, sickening aim, disgusting offclass

  3. konr: eh?ok said:


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