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Sup' everyone, looking for a sub spot as scout in a mid team that could reach playoffs.

The team where I was a main came 3rd last season in open and I feel like I've learned alot. I've also got some very positive/good feedbacks from mid/high players.
Availability will vary because of school stuff and exams, but usually available for demo reviews and stuff during week ends tho.

Hit me up,


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  1. tev: [HA] said:

    One, if not the best scout in open last season, definitaly worth your time.

  2. cL42: KT said:

    Great movement and aim, calls important things and has a good understanding of the game would recommend for any mid team

  3. TurbAndy: said:

    stupidly good dm, pretty much carried us on a bunch of maps in season26
    doesnt clutter comms whilst still calling relevant things
    a truly good teammate and player who shits on open and is ready for mid

  4. Aaron: unknown - SaK said:

    From what I’ve seen a very good Scout.
    Hits his shots which is always great on Scout and seems to be willing to listen.
    For playoffs maybe needs a bit more personal experience, but he’d probably get that while he goes through the season no problem.
    Especially on sub I don’t think there’s any reason not to pick him up, so do yourselves a favour.

  5. vladandreiy: .EvO said:

    Played against him a lot of times and it was really annoying getting 2 shotted by this hacker. I’d pick him up but i’m sick now and can’t even lift a water bottle

  6. zaid: Naked said:

    really awesome scout, with good dm and awesome movement, just pick him up he’s really good.

  7. Nujabes: eXtv - Dr. med. said:

    top lad

  8. April: yort - EDO said:

    cool dude

  9. smiguel: EDG said:

    -good dm
    -not brainless like usual scout mains
    -good movement
    -good calls
    -not afraid to melee prem players
    -good guy tbh

    -french and therefore gay
    -gives awful blowjobs

    in conclusion pick him up for your team if you want a good scout

  10. smiguel: EDG said:

    also i forgot half mexican so if i misteriously disappear his cartel is raping me and im loving it dont go looking for me

  11. Hoolygan5: 1 - JJ said:

    pick him

  12. yeth: KT - l&r said:

    Did an amazing season last year… he is mid level without any doubts: crazy DM, good gamesense, he has everything to do a good season in mid. Pick him up and you wont regret.

  13. Dave_the_Irate: W0LF - SDCS! said:

    Very impressive scout when we played against him in playoffs.

  14. Georgebaii: KaoS - LADS said:

    Dm lord

  15. B4ro: (ETF2L Donator) - wdc. - POCKET said:

    A Scout that actually has a brain


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